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Greatest Hockey Legends: B

Pete Babando
Bobby Babcock
Warren Babe
Mitch Babin
Dave Babych
Wayne Babych

Pete Backor
Christian Backman
Ralph Backstrom
Ace Bailey

Garnet "Ace" Bailey
Bob Bailey
Reid Bailey
Joel Baillargeon

Jamie Baker
Peter Bakovic
Doug Baldwin
Murray Balfour
Keith Ballard
Dave Balon

Bryon Baltimore
Stan Baluik
Murray Bannerman
Andy Barbe
Bill Barber
Bill Barilko
Doug Barkley 

Billy Barlow
Bob Barlow
Blair Barnes
Stu Barnes
Murray Baron
Tom Barrasso

Fred Barrett
Ed Barry
Marty Barry

Jim Bartlett

Bob Bassen
Hank Bassen
Ryan Bast
Frank Bathe
Andy Bathgate

Frank Bathgate
Bates Battaglia
Jeff Batters
Bobby Bauer
Garry Bauman
Ken Baumgartner
Bob Baun

Sergei Bautin
Paul Baxter
Ryan Bayda
Frank Beaton
Red Beattie
Don Beaupre
Barry Beck 

Jaroslav Bednar
Marc Behrend
Jesse Belanger
Ed Belfour
Michel Belhumeur
Danny Belisle
Jean Beliveau

Billy Bell
Herbert Bell
Joe Bell
Neil Belland
Shawn Belle
Pete Bellefeuille
Brian Bellows
Lin Bend
Clint Benedict
Brian Benning
Jim Benning

Bill Bennett
Curt Bennett 

Joe Benoit
Bill Benson
Doug Bentley

Max Bentley
Reg Bentley

Josef Beranek
Bubba Berenzweig
Perry Berezan 

Bill Berg
Todd Bergen
Bob Bergloff
Gary Bergman
Thommie Bergman
Red Berenson

Jonas Bergqvist
Louis Berlinguette
Serge Bernier

Bob Berry
Doug Berry
Ken Berry
Daniel Berthiaume
Pete Bessone
Allan Bester
Jeff Beukeboom
Bill Beveridge 

Dwight Bialowas
Frank Bialowas
Wayne Bianchin

Paul Bibeault
Jiri Bicek
Craig Billington

Bad News Bilodeau
Les Binkley
Andre Binette
Jack Bionda

Martin Biron
Scott Bjugstad

Cecil Blachford
Steve Black
Bob Blackburn
Tom Bladon

Garry Blaine
Andy Blair

Dusty Blair
Mike Blaisdell
Rob Blake
Toe Blake
Rick Blight
Russ Blinco
Mike Bloom
John Blue
Doug Bodger
Gus Bodnar
Garth Boesch 

Lonny Bohonos
Claude Boivin
Leo Boivin

Mike J. Boland 
Dan Bolduc
Buzz Boll 

Hugh Bolton
Dan Bonar
Peter Bondra
Marcel Bonin

Radek Bonk
Dickie Boon
David Booth
J.P. Bordeleau

Paulin Bordeleau
Sebastien Bordeleau
Casey Borer
Luciano Borsato
Nikolai Borschevsky
Laurie Boschman
Mike Bossy
Helge Bostrom

Jason Botterill
Tyler Bouck
Butch Bouchard
Dan Bouchard
Pierre Bouchard

Billy Boucher
Bobby Boucher
Buck Boucher
Frank Boucher

Philippe Boucher
Bob Boughner
Francis Bouillon
Bob Bourne
Pat Boutette

Fred Bourgdinon
Leo Bourgeault
Claude Bourque
Phil Bourque 
Ray Bourque

Lionel Bouvrette
Johnny Bower

Russell Bowie
Rick Bowness
Bill Boyd
Dustin Boyd
Nick Boynton
Steve Bozek
Phillippe Bozon
Curt Brackenbury  
Bart Bradley
Brian Bradley

Neil Brady 
Rick Bragnalo
Ken Breitenbach
Dan Brennan
Doug Brennan
Andy Brickley
Per Olov Brasar

Donald Brashear
Fred Brathwaite
Francois Breault
John Brenneman
Joe Bretto
Carl Brewer 

Archie Briden
Mel Bridgman
Daniel Briere

Michel Briere
Frank Brimsek 

Rod Brind'Amour
David Brine
Punch Broadbent
Turk Broda 
Connie Broden
Ken Broderick
Len Broderick
Richard Brodeur

Gary Bromley
Bob Brooke
Arthur Brooks

Bernie Brophy
Willie Brossart
Aaron Broten
Neal Broten

Paul Broten

Adam Brown
Andy Brown
Arnie Brown
Cam Brown
Connie Brown
Dave Brown

Doug Brown
Greg Brown
Larry Brown
Rob Brown
Weiner Brown
Jack Brownschidle
Jeff Brownschidle
Jeff Brubaker
Gordie Bruce
Morley Bruce 

Gilbert Brule
Benoit Brunet
Mud Bruneteau

Bill Brydge
Paul Brydges
Glenn Brydson
Jiri Bubla

Al Buchanan
Bucky Buchanan
Jeff Buchanan
Mike Buchanan
Ron Buchanan
Kelly Buchberger
Johnny Bucyk

Randy Bucyk
Doug Buhr
Tony Bukovich
Mike Bullard
Hy Buller

Billy Burch
Pavel Bure
Valeri Bure

Marc Bureau
Marty Burke
Sean Burke
Bobby Burns
Charlie Burns
Shawn Burr
Randy Burridge
Dave Burrows

Bert Burry
Adam Burt

Cummy Burton
Eddie Bush
Rod Buskas
Ron Busniuk

Walter Buswell
Jerry Butler 

Petr Buzek
Steve Buzinski

John Byce
Jerry Byers
Lyndon Byers
Mike Byers


Anonymous said…
Where are Brian Bellows stats his name is not listed
He averaged just about a point a game and won a Stanley Cup with Montreal
Mark said…
How about Rob Brown? Not only is he the only person to score 200 points in one WHL season but he did crack 100 points with Mario in Pittsburgh.

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