October 11, 2015

Bobby Burns

This a story about Bobby Burns on ice. No, not the cocktail. This is a story about the hockey player by the same name.

This Bobby Burns was from Gore Bay, Ontario, a tiny town on the Lake Huron's north shore. The left winger was a junior sized scoring star with the Owen Sound Greys in 1925, though he missed their Memorial Cup championship team by a season.

After a season of senior hockey Burns tried his hand at pro puck, moving to Chicago in 1926. No, he did not sign with the Chicago Black Hawks, the newest NHL team, at least not that season. He played the year with the American Hockey Association's Chicago Cardinals.

Burns would sign with the Black Hawks in 1927, though he would only play one game. He spent the rest of the season skating with the Hawks AHA farm team in Duluth, Minnesota.

Burns only played in seven games in the entire 1928-29 season, all with the Hawks.

In 1929-30 he played twelve more games with the Hawks before being traded to the Minneapolis Millers of the AHA for Helge Bostrom.

Burns starred in the AHA throughout the the 1930s, with Chicago, Oklahoma City and St. Louis. He was a two time All Star and was one of the better scorers.

Burns settled in Chicago after his hockey days were over, opening his own mirror business. He passed away in 1995 at the age of 90.

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