March 04, 2015

No Hopalong Cassidy: Bill Boyd of New York Rangers

In the late 1920s there was a fellow named Bill Boyd who was becoming a bit of a house hold name in America. That Bill Boyd was making a name for himself in the Hollywood lights, landing a few roles. He would go on to gain lasting Western film fame as a silver haired cowboy in Hop-Along Cassidy, taking on rival cowboys Gene Autry and Roy Rogers.

But we're not going to talk about that Bill Boyd. We are going to talk about another Bill Boyd.

Our Bill Boyd was a straight shooter who enjoyed the bright lights of Manhattan. He was no lone Ranger. He had a whole team of Rangers with him for three seasons.

Our Bill Boyd played hockey in the National Hockey League. For four seasons in the 1920s Boyd played in New York City. For three of those seasons he played with the New York Rangers, winning the Stanley Cup in 1928.

Our Bill Boyd hailed from Belleville, Ontario, Canada but became an American. A New York American. In his final NHL season he crossed town and played for the New York Americans, a team now long ago forgotten.

Our Bill Boyd, who had previously served with Canada's military in World War I, scored 15 goals and 22 points in 138 career games.

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Coastal Gardener said...

Bill Boyd flew in the Royal Flying Corps in 1917 with my grandfather. I have a photo from my grandfathers 1917 album if you are interested.