May 20, 2016

Bert Burry

At first glance Bert Burry appears to be a real mystery.

The statistical record of Burry's hockey career is very incomplete. Aside from two games a junior with the Toronto Marlies in 1927. But over the next 10 years researchers have only unearthed records for a total of 30 professional games. In six complete seasons researchers still have no idea where he played let alone how many games or how many points.

We do know he was a five foot nine inch defenseman who played in four National Hockey League games with the Ottawa Senators in the 1932-33 season, scoring no points.

It is believed he played eight games in an Ottawa senior hockey league in 1936-37, but beyond that there statistical record runs dry.

While even the internet has trouble finding a lot of information about Bert Burry the hockey player, it has allowed us to learn quite a bit about Bert Burry the person.

Burry was an avid pilot and owned his own air company out of Uranium City, Saskatchewan. He landed a contracted with the Canadian government to fly supplies in and out for a geology project at the Arctic Circle, as well as for many of the mining projects in very rural areas. At least twice he survived crash landings.

Burry died in 1999 at the age of 93. He was living in the beautiful seaside community of Sidney, British Columbia.

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Jim Burry said...

Bert Burry was a 6foot/ 196 lb defenceman.