December 09, 2015

Weiner Brown

The origins of Wayne Brown's unusual nickname may be lost in the passing of time, but the man known affectionately as "Weiner" belongs to one of the most unique clubs in National Hockey League history.

Brown is one of, as of 2015, 25 players in NHL history to play in the Stanley Cup playoffs but never play in the NHL regular season.

The Belleville, Ontario native was called upon by the Boston Bruins for the 1954 Stanley Cup post-season, debuting with four games though he rarely saw the ice. He had spent the season with the Seattle Bombers, teaming with minor league legend "Golden" Guyle Fielder to lead the entire Western Hockey League with 49 goals scored in 70 games.

Brown missed all but three games the following season with a broken leg. He had returned to WHL, this time playing with the Victoria Cougars. He would heal and play two more seasons in Victoria, but never returned to his super-scorer status.

Brown returned Belleville and the amateur game in 1957. In 1958 he helped the Belleville McFarlands win the Allan Cup as Canada's amateur champions. As such, the team was selected to represented Canada at the World Championships in 1959, where they won gold over the favored Soviet team.

"We had to win, we had to,” said Brown. “We were the first Canadian team going behind the Iron Curtain and we had to leave a message.”

Brown, a tiny and gentlemanly player, continued playing and coaching senior hockey in Belleville until the mid 1970s.

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