January 22, 2015

All Star Game Memories: Petr Buzek:

This a replica of Petr Buzek's 2000 All Star Game jersey.

Yes, Petr Buzek.

Who was Petr Buzek? Buzek entered that season with 4 career games to his credit. He joined the expansion Atlanta Thrashers, who were absolutely dreadful that season. Buzek, a defenseman, scored 5 goals, 19 points and was -22 that season. Hardly All Star numbers.

So how did Petr Buzek end up in the All Star Game?

Well that year was one of those North America vs the World gimmick games. Team World was lacking defensemen, and, thanks to the NHL's unofficial policy of having a All Star representative from each team, they were really lacking an Atlanta Thrashers player.

So they picked Buzek, a defenseman who barely belonged in the NHL let alone the NHL All Star game.

Okay, that was a little harsh. But after that season he played parts of two more, with Calgary after failing to come to a contract agreement with the Thrashers. His NHL career ended with 157 games played, 9 goals and 31 points.

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