December 28, 2013

Frank Bathe's Daughter Pursing NHL Dream

Frank Bathe

Here's a fun little story I found.

Former Philadelphia Flyer and Detroit Red Wing defenseman Frank Bathe, a Scarborough resident, raised four sons, who all followed in their father’s skate marks and played hockey, but it was his daughter, Carrlyn Bathe, however, who made it to the National Hockey League.
“My dad likes to joke that out of all his kids, it was his daughter who made it to the NHL,” said Bathe, who works as an in-arena host during Los Angeles Kings games.
Bathe, 25, moved out to Los Angeles six years ago to chase a dream of being a hockey broadcaster, a dream she is still holding onto today.
Here's the full story. The story tells us one of Bathe's sons, Landon, may yet make the NHL, too. He is currently a linesman in the American Hockey League. 
Frank Bathe was a no-nonsense defenseman with the Philadelphia Flyers. He came along after the Broad Street Bullies era but employed the same tough style of play. He wasn't the most stylistic player but he was an effective depth defenseman in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
Bathe was noted as a great teammate known for his sense of humour. Perhaps one of his teammates had a great laugh at his expense when he was somehow named the Man of the Year by the Lumberjacks Association!
Bathe paid quite the price to play 224 games in the National Hockey League. He suffered a debilitating back injury and had to have surgery for herniated discs that ended his career.
Here's a video of Bathe going toe to toe with Bobby Nystrom of the New York Islanders:

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