September 27, 2014

Mike Bloom

This is Mike Bloom. Thanks to playing alongside junior teammate Marcel Dionne, Bloom was a first round draft pick of the Boston Bruins in 1972.

Bloom never did play for the Bruins. Two years later he was snagged away by the Washington Capitals in their expansion draft. Bloom would finally make the NHL in 1974-75, and he had a relatively decent season with seven goals and 26 points. I say relatively because that Washington Capitals team was arguably the worse team in NHL history. They won just 8 games in the entire 80 game schedule.

Bloom didn't even get to experience the last two of those wins. After 67 games he was picked up by the Detroit Red Wings. In the 1970s the Red Wings weren't a whole lot better than the Capitals. But at least he was able to play two more seasons in the NHL.

Mike Bloom left the NHL in 1977. He scored 30 goals and 77 points in 201 career games.

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