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Greatest Hockey Legends: M

Al MacAdam
Lane MacDermid
Paul MacDermid
BJ MacDonald
Doug MacDonald
Jack MacDonald
Kevin MacDonald
Kilby MacDonald
Lowell MacDonald
Parker MacDonald
Bruce MacGregor
Randy MacGregor
Spencer Machacek
Al MacInnis
Norm MacIver
Garth MacGuigan
Mickey MacKay
Fleming Mackell
Jack Mackell

Barry MacKenzie
Bill MacKenzie
Brett MacLean
John MacLean
Paul MacLean
Rick MacLeish
Brian MacLellan
Pat MacLeod
Bob MacMillan
Craig MacTavish
John Madden
Darrin Madeley
Connie Madigan
Jeff Madill
Keith Magnuson
Kevin Maguire
Frank Mahovlich
Pete Mahovlich
Jacques Mailhot
Fern Majeau
Ivan Majesky
Sergei Makarov
Mikko Makela
Chico Maki
Clint Malarchuk
David Maley
Merlin Malinowski
Troy Mallette
Manny Malhotra
Marek Malik
Phantom Joe Malone
Dan Maloney
Dave Maloney
Don Maloney
Phil Maloney
Steve Maltais
Kirk Maltby
Gus Mancuso
Dan Mandich
Cesare Maniago
Peter Mannino
Jimmy Mann
Dave Manson
Georges Mantha
Moe Mantha
Sylvio Mantha
Justin Mapletoft
Milan Marcetta
Mush March
Todd Marchant
Brian Marchinko
John Markell
Gus Marker
Jussi Markkanen
Jack Marks
John Marks
Hector Marini
John Mariucci
Daniel Marois
Mark Marquess
Brad Marsh
Bert Marshall
Don Marshall
Grant Marshall
Willie Marshall
Charlie Mason
Gilles Marotte
Clare Martin
Frank Martin
Pit Martin
Rick Martin
Seth Martin
Terry Martin
Tom Martin
Don Martineau
Mike Marson
Dennis Maruk
Bill Masterton
Frank Mathers
Dwight Mathiasen
Christian Matte
Joe Matte
Mike Matteucci
Markus Mattsson
Johnny Matz
Brad Maxwell
Bryan Maxwell
Kevin Maxwell
Alan May
Gil Mayer
Shep Mayer
Eddie Mazur
Gary McAdam
Kenndal McArdle
Jud McAtee
Kevin McClelland
Ulcers McCool
Goose McCormack
Bill McCreary
Brad McCrimmon
Dale McCourt
Keith McCreary
Johnny McCreedy
Duke McCurry
Ab McDonald
Andy McDonald
Brian McDonald
Bucko McDonald
Butch McDonald
Lanny McDonald
Shawn McEachern
Jimmy McFadden
Don McFadyen
Dan McFall
Jack McIlhargey
Bert McInenly
Paul McIntosh
Jack McIntyre
John McIntyre
Manny McIntyre
Doug McKay
Walt McKechnie 
Ian McKegney
Tony McKegney
Alex McKendry
Sean McKenna
Don McKenney
Barry McKenzie
John "Pie" McKenzie
Clare McKerrow
John McKinnon
Jack McLean
Kirk McLean
John McLellan
Scott McLellan
Don McLeod
Dave McLlwain
Mike McMahon Jr.
Mike McMahon Sr.
Sammy McManus

Max McNab
Peter McNab
Sid McNabney
Howard McNamara
Gerry McNeil
Billy McNeill
George McPhee
Mike McPhee
Shrimp McPherson
Basil McRae
Ken McRae
Pat McReavy
Bryan McSheffrey
Marty McSorley
Don McSween  
Rabbit McVeigh 

Rick Meagher
Gerry Meehan
Howie Meeker
Harry Meeking

Paul Meger
Dean Melanson
Rollie Melanson
Scott Mellanby
Jerry Melnyk
Larry Melnyk
Gilles Meloche
Vic Mercredi
Smiley Meronek
Glenn Merkosky
Wayne Merrick
Joby Messier
Mark Messier
Mitch Messier
Paul Messier
Scott Metcalfe
Don Metz
Nick Metz
Corrado Micalef
Larry Mickey
Rick Middleton
Rudy Migay
Stan Mikita
Bill Mikkelson
Mike Milbury
Hib Milks
Greg Millen
Brad Miller
Jay Miller
Kelly Miller
Kevin Miller
Joe Miller
Tom Miller
Warren Miller
Duncan Milroy
Eddie Mio
Red Mitchell
Mike Modano
Billy Moe
Mike Moffat
Alexander Mogilny
Doug Mohns
Lars Molin
Mike Moller
Oscar Moller
Randy Moller
Mitch Molloy
Sergio Momesso
Garry Monahan
Armand Mondou
Pierre Mondou
Michel Mongeau
Bob Mongrain
Steve Montador
Andy Moog
Alfie Moore
Dickie Moore
David Moravec
Howie Morenz
Pete Morin
Stephane Morin
Jean Guy Morissette
Marc Moro
Bernie Morris
Jon Morris
Brendan Morrison
George Morrison
Lew Morrison
Jim Morrison
Brenden Morrow
Ken Morrow
Scott Morrow
Dean Morton
Gus Mortson
Ken Mosdell
Bill Mosienko
Morris Mott
Alex Motter
Johnny Mowers
Bill Muckalt
Bryan Muir
Brian Mullen
Joey Mullen
Kirk Muller
Wayne Muloin
Grant Mulvey
Paul Mulvey
Harry Mummery

Craig Muni
Dunc Munro

Bob Murdoch
Don Murdoch
Murray Murdoch
Cory Murphy
Gord Murphy
Hal Murphy
Larry Murphy
Rob Murphy
Ron Murphy
Allan Murray

Glen Murray
Mickey Murray
Troy Murray
Dana Murzyn
Frank Musil
Jason Muzzatti
Hap Myers
Phil Myre
Anders Myrvold


Anonymous said…

But where is the great Rick Middleton?!?

Please add him!
Anonymous said…
you have a write up for Johnny McKenzie but no link in the M's. No matter how you slice it, you gotta love Pie!
Anonymous said…
Can you leave a post of Glen Murray...the Bridgewater Flash...the great sniper during the late 1990's-2000s for the LA Kings and Boston Bruins.

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