November 25, 2015

Jean Guy Morissette

Jean Guy Morissette's only NHL game was as an injury replacement for Montreal goaltender Gump Worsley.

Worsley pulled a leg muscle that would keep him out for most of the season, so this was Morissette's big break.

In the game, however, Morissette gave up 4 goals in 36 minutes before he, too, was seriously injured. His cheekbone was broken, and he would miss a significant part of the season as Charlie Hodge was called up.

Hodge of course went on to record a spectacular season behind a strong Habs team. Hodge in fact won the Vezina trophy that year and would go onto play in a total of 358 NHL games.

Morissette, on the other hand was returned to the minor leagues upon his injury being fully heeled, never to return to the NHL ever again.

Too bad for Jean-Guy, as he could have had a really good shot at full time NHL employment for at least the 1963-64 season.


Hallwings said...

Jean-Guy Morissette was also mentioned on an episode of "Spin City". Specifically, the episode where Paul Lassiter (Richard Kind) was on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire". He was one of four possible answers for a question concerning the very first Conn Smythe Trophy winner. For the record, the other three choices were Hall of Famers Jacques Plante, Jacques Laperierre, and Jean Beliveau.

Hallwings said...

BTW, if you're wondering about the spelling error for "LaPerriere", that's because that was the way it was written on the TV show.