May 03, 2016

Scott McKay

Scott McKay was never drafted by an NHL team. Considered to be a slow skater with little offensive upside at the pro level, McKay opted to play an extra year with his London Knights junior team as an overage junior. He was gambling that with two NHL expansion franchises coming the following season (Anaheim and Florida) that new jobs would open up and someone would sign him.

The gamble paid off for McKay. He had a decent season in the OHL (95 points in 63 games for a 20 year old playing against mostly 17-18 year olds) and was signed by the Mighty Ducks on August 2, 1993. McKay knew that he would almost certainly play in the minors that first year, and he did - scoring 10 goals and 16 points in 58 games.

He also was rewarded with a late-season call up to Anaheim. The Ducks wanted to give their few prospects a little taste of NHL action. McKay played on April 9, 1994 in a 3-1 victory over the Vancouver Canucks. McKay played sparingly however, registering one shot on goal but not scoring.

That was Scott McKay's NHL story. He returned to the minors and never returned to the NHL. He bounced around the minors for the next three years, plus a stop in Austria. He retired at the end of the 1998 season.

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