August 26, 2015

Walt McCartney

Walt McCartney was a western boy through-and-through. Yet he spent one season playing senior hockey in Quebec, which also resulted in the only to NHL games in his career.

McCartney was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, either in 1909 or 1911 depending on the source. He moved to Weyburn, Saskatchewan to play senior hockey in 1927. He became a star with the Weyburn Beavers, challenging for the Allan Cup national amateur championship in both 1930 and 1932.

Senior hockey perks drew McCartney to Quebec for the 1932-33 season, where he played with the Castors - the French word for Beavers. In December 1932 the Canadiens called up the Castors looking for brief injury relief help. The Canadiens secured McCartney's services for two games. Used sparingly, McCartney never registered a point in either game.

After the one season in Quebec, McCartney headed back west for a long career bouncing across western Canada (Vancouver, Calgary) and northwestern USA (Seattle, Spokane and especially Portland).

His best years came with the Portland Rosebuds. He would remain in Portland after his hockey life, becoming involved in the local scene. His son Clayton would play at Michigan State University.

Walt McCartney passed away in Portland in 1978.

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