August 26, 2015

Art Alexandre

Tiny Art Alexandre skated 11 games with the Montreal Canadiens back in 1932, plus four more in the playoffs.

Alexandre stood just five-foot-five and weighed only 150 pounds, making the left winger speedy and nimble on his skates. He never put up any notable offensive numbers anywhere he played, which was mostly in the senior and minor leagues. He did register two assists while playing in the NHL.

Newspaper archives repeatedly suggest Alexander was much more of a playmaker than a goal scorer. Given his size, perhaps he was more of a perimeter player. Since official scorers were not as generous with secondary assists back in the 1930s, perhaps this could also explain Alexandre's low scoring totals.

Though he played with the Canadiens briefly, Montreal rink rats at that time would probably better remember him starring with the St. Francois team in the popular Montreal City Senior Hockey League. He teamed on a popular line with Paul Armand and Roger Gaudette.

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