April 15, 2016

Jack McIntyre

Jack McIntyre, also known as John McIntyre, was a defensive minded left winger in the 1950s. Playing with Boston, Chicago and Detroit he played 499 career games in the Original Six era. He scored 109 goals and 211 points.

After graduating from the St. Catherines Teepees junior team, McIntyre turned pro in the Boston Bruins system in 1950. He played two full seasons for the Bruins, enjoying a particularly strong playoffs in 1953. He scored a key goal in upsetting the Red Wings and helping the Bruins reach the Stanley Cup final against the Montreal Canadiens.

Despite the strong spring the Bruins moved McIntyre to Chicago in the summer of 1953. He played four seasons with the weak Hawks teams of the 1950s. McIntyre enjoyed his best offensive seasons, topping out with 18 goals in 1956-57

A week before Christmas 1957 the Hawks traded McIntyre to Detroit with Bob Bailey, Nick Mickoski and Hec Lalande for Earl Reibel, Billy Dea, Lorne Ferguson and Bill Dineen. McIntyre was desperately trying to find a home to make sure Santa could visit his young children, so he made a trade of his own. He and Lorne Ferguson simply swapped the keys to each other's house.

McIntyre would play parts of three seasons in Detroit before being farmed out to the minor leagues through to 1963.

Tired of the vagabond lifestyle, McIntyre moved his family home to Listowel, Ontario. He operated a laundromat while playing and coaching senior hockey in nearby Guelph. He would late briefly coach in London, Ontario and Johnstown, Pennsylvania, but would settle in London and became a car salesman.

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