February 08, 2015

Kenndal McArdle

It was never hard to cheer for Kenndal McArdle.

The former WHL standout was a first round draft pick of Florida back in 2005. Ultimately he never made it, playing in just 33 career games, scoring just one lonely goal.

At the time he was featured by the media for his teenage bravery of dealing with a bad speech impediment. Despite that he did interviews, memorably with Jeff Marek of Hockey Night in Canada, trying to overcome his fear. He was always very mature about it.

In a different interview he said "I'm definitely a firm believer that obstacles are only the ones that get in the way. If you really think in the grand scheme of things how small a stutter of that kind is, it shouldn't stop you from doing anything in life."

Hockey fans will always remember him for his dynamic speed and his relentless pursuit of the puck. He was a gutsy player on the ice and off. And from all those who played with him, he was a very confident person.

A couple of serious leg injuries in the minor leagues may have ultimately derailed his NHL aspirations.

He retired and returned to Vancouver where he works in the banking industry. 

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