September 30, 2015

Hib Milks

Hib Milks was born in the small farming community of Eardley, Quebec, just across the border from Ottawa. When Milks, the youngest of five children, was not completing his farm chores he was playing hockey on the frozen sloughs.

Milks moved to Ottawa when he was 18 years old and began playing junior with the Ottawa Gunners, playing left wing on a spectacular line with future NHLer Harold Daragh and Bertie Burke

Daragh and Milks moved to Pittsburgh in 1923, playing a couple of seasons with the minor league team the Pittsburgh Yellowjackets. When the Jackets essentially became the NHL's Pittsburgh Pirates in 1925, both found themselves in the NHL, too.

Milks was arguably Pittsburgh's top player, leading the team in scoring in four of five seasons. The Pirates even made the playoffs in 1926 and 1928.

When the Pirates fell on hard financial times the franchise moved north to Philadelphia and became the short-lived Quakers. After one disastrous season the franchise folded and the players were dispersed around the league.

Milks joined the New York Rangers in 1931-32 but he was reduced to supporting role and was not used very much. He scored zero goals and four assists in 48 games.

Milks was not very happy in New York and opted to go home in 1932-33, signing with the Ottawa Senators. But his luck did not change, again going goalless with three assists in 16 games. He suffered a serious knee injury around New Year's. It appears he never returned to the ice. 

Milks worked as a ticket agent with the Canadian Pacific Railway and as a tank inspector during World War II. But health issues saw him and his father move in with his sister who took care of them.

Milks passed away on January 22nd, 1949 after a reported several months in hospital.

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