September 30, 2015

Harold Darragh

Harold "Howl" Darragh and junior linemate Hib Milks took a similar route to the NHL.

Darragh - the brother of the more famous Jack Darragh - and Milks played with their hometown Ottawa Gunners junior club before heading south to Pittsburgh to play with the Pittsburgh Yellowjackets.

In 1925 the Yellowjackets joined the NHL as the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Darragh and Milks made the jump with them. They would both be fixtures in Pittsburgh until 1930.

That year the financially troubled franchise moved north to Philadelphia to play one season as the Quakers. But Darragh would not last the season, traded to the Boston Bruins early in the season.

Described as a fleet-footed, Darragh would go on to play two seasons with the Toronto Maple Leafs, winning the Stanley Cup in 1932 before disappearing to the minor leagues.

In 308 NHL games Harold Darragh scored 68 goals, 49 assists and 117 points. He was a remarkably clean player, taking just 50 career minutes in penalties. He would have won a Lady Byng trophy for clean play if it was not for Frank Boucher's dominance of the trophy at the time. He finished as runner up in 1929.

Darragh became a refrigerator repairman in retirement.

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