March 09, 2016

Butch McDonald

Butch McDonald was a dominating scorer at the minor league level. He had it all - good size, fine skating ability and great puck skills.

Despite his strong play in places like Kansas City and Indianapolis, McDonald was unable to get on track at the National Hockey League level.

McDonald played a total of 66 NHL games split between Detroit and Chicago. In that time he scored eight goals and twenty assists over two seasons spread five years apart.

World War II service interrupted McDonald's NHL career. From 1941 through to 1944 Miller was stationed back near his home in Saskatchewan with the Canadian Army.

McDonald retired to western Canada. He did some coaching in the Calgary area, but he became well known in another sport. An avid horseman, McDonald ran his own stables that raised racing horses.

McDonald passed away in British Columbia in 2006. He was 89 years old.

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