March 09, 2016

Jonathan Delisle

Jonathan Delisle was a very good junior player with the Hull Olympiques in the 1990s. He helped the team win the Memorial Cup in 1997. Delisle scored 31 points in 18 playoff games.

Delisle was drafted by the Montreal Canadiens 86th overall in the 1995 NHL draft. He would play six professional seasons, mostly in the AHL with Fredricton and Quebec City.

The highlight of his career was his lone game in the National Hockey League. He only played less than 5 minutes in a 3-2 win over Ottawa on October 21st, 1998.

He also ventured off to play a season in Great Britain late in his career. Upon his return to Canada in 2003, Delisle returned to Quebec to play senior and semi-pro hockey.

Tragedy struck in 2006. A car accident near Beauceville claimed the life of Delisle while seriously injuring teammates Carl Paradis and Frederic Vermette. Their car collided with a tow truck and icy roads were partly blamed. While the driver Paradis and rear passenger Vermette, a cousin of NHLer Antoine Vermette, were ejected from the vehicle, Delisle was pinned in the front passenger seat. He was unable to escape before the car became engulfed in fire.

Delisle was just 28 years old.

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