December 18, 2012

Hard Hitting Bill McCreary

Say the name Bill McCreary and most hockey fans will immediately think of the highly respected referee. But there was two other Bill McCrearys in the National Hockey League. Father and son Bill Sr. and Bill Jr.

Bill McCreary Sr. was a long time minor league player who finally got his chance thanks to the NHL expansion in 1967. The left winger totalled 309 NHL games and scored 53 goals and 62 assists for 115 career points.

Bill McCreary Jr. only played 12 games in the National Hockey League, all in the 1980-81 season. The right winger out of Colgate University even scored a goal. But he is mostly remembered for delivering the hardest hit ever administered to Wayne Gretzky. It was a beautiful, clean hit, and #99 laid out on the ice as if he got shot.

Here's the hit courtesy of YouTube:

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