April 21, 2016

Paul McIntosh

Paul McIntosh was a little used defenseman for the Buffalo Sabres in the 1975-76 season. The small but feisty right-handed defenseman didn't get much of an opportunity to play, and collected only 1 assist all season long.

McIntosh played in 42 games that season, but if Sabres GM Punch Imlach had his way, he would have only played in 39 games. McIntosh had a bonus in his contract that said if he played in 40 games that season, he'd receive an additional $15,000!. However Imlach order coach Floyd Smith to dress but not play the former Peterborough Pete. In order to get credit for playing that 40th game, McIntosh had to actually take to the ice during play.

The players of course didn't like the way Imlach was treating McIntosh. For his part, McIntosh remained quiet about things, but you knew he wasn't happy about it either. Finally late in one game, the players took things into their own hands. While the Sabres were changing on the fly, the players who were supposed to replace the off-coming line grabbed McIntosh and physically tossed him over the boards! He got up and returned to the bench, but the few seconds he spent lying on the ice earned him credit for his 40th game and his $15,000 bonus.

With that out of the way, Coach Smith decided to use McIntosh for the final couple of games in the season. However McIntosh spent the next 4 years toiling in the minor leagues, never to return to the National Hockey League.

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