May 11, 2015

Howard McNamara

Howard McNamara may have only 12 NHL games on his resume, but make no mistake - this giant defenseman was one of the best - and baddest - players of his era.

The native of Randolf, Ontario spent six seasons in the National Hockey Association - the NHL's forerunner - including a season as the captain of the 1916 Stanley Cup champion Montreal Canadiens.

McNamara was a big - BIG - man for his era at six feet and 240 pounds! And his penalty minute totals suggest he certainly was not afraid to use his size to his advantage.

But he was also a very good player. He led all defensemen in scoring in that 1916 season. He liked to rush the puck, much to anticipation of the fans. He rolled up ice like a locomotive and scored 44 goals in 94 career NHA games.

Howard and his Hockey Hall of Fame worthy older brother George - together they were dubbed The Dynamite Twins - both left hockey to serve in World War I. Howard tried returning to the ice, signing with the Canadiens - now of the National Hockey League - just before Christmas 1919. He would get into twelve games and score just one goal before retiring.

Howard and George started a successful construction company once their hockey days were done.

Unfortunately Howard only lived until the age of 49. He died on his yacht while fishing near Deseronto, Ontario.

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