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Greatest Hockey Legends: S

Simo Saarinen
Dany Sabourin
Gary Sabourin

Joe Sacco
Larry Sacharuk

Rick St. Croix
Andre St. Laurent
Frank St. Marseille

Claude St. Sauveur
Joe Sakic

Ruslan Salei
Don Saleski
Borje Salming

Sami Salo
Tommy Salo
Bryce Salvador
Dave Salvian
Gary Sampson
Kjell Samuelsson 

Mikael Samuelsson
Ulf Samuelsson
Derek Sanderson
Geoff Sanderson
Ed Sandford
Jim Sandlak

Charlie Sands
Tomas Sandstrom
Oleg Saprykin
Gary Sargent
Cory Sarich
Fred Sasakamoose
Miroslav Satan
Glen Sather
Bob Sauve

Brian Savage 

Joel Savage
Andre Savard
Denis Savard
Serge Savard

Terry Sawchuk
Dave Scatchard
Petr Schastlivy
Chuck Scherza
Brad Schlegel
Cliff Schmautz
Milt Schmidt
Norm Schmidt
Werner Schnarr
Andy Schneider
Ron Schock
Jim Schoenfeld
Dwight Schofield
Wally Schreiber
Rob Schremp
Sweeney Schriner
Dave "The Hammer" Schultz

Rod Schutt
Scott Scissons
Enio Sclisizzi
Ganton Scott
Laurie Scott  
Al Secord 

Ron Sedlbauer
Earl Seibert

Oliver Seibert
Ric Seiling

Rod Seiling
Teemu Selanne 

Brandy Semchuk
Dave Semenko

Anatoli Semenov 
Brent Severyn
Richard Sevigny
Eddie Shack

Vladimir Shadrin
Paul Shakes
Brendan Shanahan
Sean Shanahan
Dave Shand
Charles Shannon

Darrin Shannon
Darryl Shannon
Jerry Shannon
Jeff Shantz
Jeff Sharples
Brad Shaw
David Shaw
Doug Shedden

Neil Sheehy
Tim Sheehy
Jody Shelley
Frank Shepard
Johnny Shepard
Gregg Sheppard
Ray Sheppard 

John Sherf
Fred Shero
Gord Sherven
Alex Shibicky 

Jack Shill
Bruce Shoebottom
Eddie Shore

Hamby Shore
Steve Shutt 

Denis Shvidki
Babe Siebert

Dave Silk
Risto Siltanen
Don Simmons 
Gary Simmons
Charlie Simmer
Todd Simon
Frank Simonetti
Craig Simpson

Bullet Joe Simpson

Reg Sinclair
Ilkka Sinisalo

Ville Siren
Darryl Sittler

Lars-Erik Sjoberg
Fredrik Sjostrom
Bjorne Skaare
Raymie Skilton
Alf Skinner
Glen Skov
Karlis Skrastins 
Pavel Skrbek
Petri Skriko
John Sleaver
Louis Sleigher
Tod Sloan
Eddie Slowinski
Doug Smail
Walter Smaill
Alex Smart
Al Smith
Alf Smith
Art Smith
Battlin' Billy Smith
Bobby Smith

Brad Smith

Brian Smith
Carl "Winky" Smith
Clint Smith
Dallas Smith
Dalton "Nakina" Smith
Derek Smith
Derrick Smith

Des Smith 
Don Smith
Doug Smith 

Floyd Smith
Harry Smith
Hooley Smith 

Kenny Smith
Normie Smith

Rick Smith
Sid Smith
Steve Smith

Steve Smith
Stuart Smith
Suitcase Smith
Tommy Smith
Wyatt Smith
Jerred Smithson
Peter Smrek
Stan Smyl

Greg Smyth
Carl Sneep
Chris Snell
Dennis Sobchuk
Gene Sobchuk
Tommy Soderstrom
Doug Soetart
Ken Solheim
Tom Songin
Fred Speck
Harold Snepsts 

Dave Snuggerud
Nikolai Sologubov
Art Somers
John Sorrell
Spunk Sparrow
Bill Speer

Brian "Spinner" Spencer

Irv Spencer

Don Spring
Frank Spring
Nick Stajduhar
Fred Stanfield
Allan Stanley
Daryl Stanley
Wally Stanowski

Sergei Starikov
Harold Starr
Vic Stasiuk
Anton Stastny
Marian Stastny

Peter Stastny

Robb Stauber
Ray Staszak
Thomas Steen

Greg Stefan
Pete Stemkowski 

Vern Stenlund
Ron Stern 

Ulf Sterner
Bill Stewart
Black Jack Stewart
Gaye Stewart
Nels Stewart 

Paul Stewart
Ron Stewart
Ryan Stewart
John Stevens
Kevin Stevens
Scott Stevens 

Shayne Stevenson
Turner Stevenson
Jack Stoddard
Roland Stoltz
Blaine Stoughton

Todd Strueby
Bruce Stuart
Hod Stuart
Kai Suikkanen
Doug Sulliman 
George "Red" Sullivan
Peter Sullivan

Steve Sullivan
Raimo Summanen
Bill Summerhill
Mats Sundin
Patrik Sundstrom
Al Suomi
Gary Suter
Brent Sutter
Brian Sutter
Darryl Sutter

Duane Sutter
Rich Sutter

Ron Sutter

Ken Sutton
Leif Svensson
Petr Svoboda

Garry Swain
George Swarbrick
Lee Sweatt
Bob Sweeney
Don Sweeney

Dolly Swift
Darryl Sydor 
Phil Sykes
Dean Sylvester
Joe Szura


What - Joe - No story on Ed Staniowski, Go to my sight for a good one (Regina Pats Alumni) - click upper left on stories.
Anonymous said…
Not much of a blog about greatest hockey legends without the Berserker, Ulf Samuelsson, included.

Love him or hate him, he's done too much, both positive & negative to ignore.

Then also, there are the Stanley Cup rings...
Gerard Kelly said…
Great site, Joe. Leave some room for Pat Stapleton on your list. He ruled!
Anonymous said…

Fantastic site, hats off to your incredible dedication to the game. I have to agree with the former speaker though that Ulf Samuelsson is sorely missed from this list. What a character, mean streak on a mission!
Anonymous said…
where is Bobby Schmautz, Paul Schmyr, Alec Stoyanic ?

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