March 30, 2016

Ganton Scott

Ganton Scott played 50-something games in the National Hockey League over three seasons back in the 1920s.

We say 50-something because there seems to be some debate as to how many games he actually played. Different sources suggest 53, 54, and 57 games in his career, with 57 being the officially recognized by the National Hockey League.

Scott was born in Little Current, Ontario, but grew up in Preston. He would end up in the big city of Toronto in 1921 to play a season of junior hockey with Toronto Aura Lee. Baldy Cotton and Alfie Moore were among his teammates.

The five-foot-nine, 165 pound right winger made the jump directly to the National Hockey League in 1922, crossing town to play with the Toronto St. Pats. He was strictly a spare, barely playing in 17 games and scoring no points.

Scott split the 1923-24 season with Toronto and the Hamilton Tigers. The inconsistency of his career games played total seems to originate in Hamilton, with Scott playing between four and eight games with the Tigers. Regardless, he was again a spare and finished his second consecutive NHL season without so much as a point.

Scott finally got on the scoreboard in 1924-25. Scott played 28 games with the Montreal Maroons, skating regularly with a depth line featuring Sam Rothschild and Dinny Dinsmore. He scored one goal and assisted on another.

That proved to be Scott's curtain call on his NHL career. He continued to play in obscurity in California's pro hockey league from 1926 and 1932 where he regularly contributed to the offense. He even led the whole league in goals and points in 1928-29.

Scott must have liked the sunny weather and beaches of California. He remained there after hanging up his skates. He passed away in San Diego in 1977, aged 74.

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