March 30, 2016

Gerry Deniord

Gerry Deniord was a man of a few identities.

More than a few media sources back in the 1920s referred to him as "Jerry." Maybe that isn't so surprising, but his last name was also misspelled at times by the media. He was also Denoird.

Gerry Deniord played 17 games with the Toronto St. Pats in 1922. Deniord was a leading scorer with the strong Toronto Aura Lee junior team that was in the mix for the Memorial Cup in 1922. The St. Pats convinced him to turn pro for the 1922-23 season, but used him sparingly. He picked up only one assist.

Displeased with his pro experience, Deniord opted to regain his amateur status and played senior hockey in Toronto while also working as a referee in various local leagues. Both Toronto and the Montreal Canadiens tried to lure him back to the NHL but he turned down all offers.

Deniord later coached in the Metro Toronto Junior Hockey League. A long time employee of Richardson Securities, Deniord died in Toronto on October 8, 1989. He was 87.

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