March 30, 2016

Shrimp Andrews

At five-foot-four and 140 pounds, it does not take much of an imagination to guess how Lloyd Andrews got his nickname - Shrimp.

Players were not nearly as big back in the 1920s, but Andrews was still one of the smallest players ever to play the game.

Andrews was born in Tilsonburg, Ontario on November 4th, 1894, though he grew up a little further down the road in Dunnville. In Dunnville he played for a team called the "Mudcats," and reportedly scored 25 goals in one game - a 47-0 victory over Welland. Legend has it even the Mudcats' goalie scored that night.

After serving in World War I (as a teenager, nonetheless), Andrews moved to Niagara Falls to play senior hockey for three seasons. It was there that the National Hockey League's Toronto St. Pats. too notice of the speedy center.

Over the next four seasons Andrews played in 53 total games with Toronto, scoring a total of eight goals and thirteen points. In the Stanley Cup playoffs in 1922 he scored twice in five games, helping the St. Pats win the Stanley Cup in a showdown with Vancouver.

Andrews was released by Toronto in 1925. He continued to play professional down in the minor leagues through to 1934.

Andrews passed away on November 17th, 1974 in Detroit, Michigan. He was 80 years old.

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