September 07, 2015

Werner Schnarr

Werner Schnarr was part of the inaugural Boston Bruins NHL roster way back in 1924-25.

Skating along side with Lionel "Hitch" Hitchman, "Sailor" Herbert and "Ol Shovel Shot" Carson Cooper, Schnarr played in 24 of the Bruins 30 contests that season. Unlike his aforementioned teammates Schnarr never had a colorful nickname, or a goal. Or even a point for that matter. He was a rarely used substitute that saw spot duty to rest the stars. He often played with fellow subs Norm Shay and Herb Mitchell.

Schnarr was born in Kitchener, Ontario way back in 1903 - the town was still known as Berlin back then. He was one of eight hockey playing brothers, though none of the others made it to the NHL. Schnarr would be a junior star in the city, particularly in the 1923 playoffs when he scored an amazing 23 goals in 12 games. With his brother Maurice by his side Werner led Kitchener to the Memorial Cup final, finally being stopped by the University of Manitoba.

After a season of senior hockey Schnarr signed with the Bruins. He returned for the 1925-26 season but only played one game. The statistical record shows he played nowhere else that season, either.

He resurfaced a season later, back home in Kitchener for three seasons of senior hockey. He would operate a florist shop until his death from a heart attack in 1959. He was just 56 years old.

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