September 28, 2014

Paul Shakes

Paul Shakes was a smart defenseman known for his passing and strong puck movement. He was a mobile rearguard who put up solid numbers everywhere he played.

Drafted 38th overall by the California Golden Seals in 1972, Shakes was starting to look like may be a bit of late bloomer. He defied the long odds and played 21 games with California in 1973-74 and had been playing well in the minor leagues, helping Springfield win the Calder Cup.

Unfortunately a badly herniated disc in his back forced him off the ice shortly thereafter. He missed most of the 1975-76 season with the injury. He required surgery and never returned to the ice after that.

Bottom line was Paul Shakes was a smart, skilled defenseman but he lacked the size and strength to survive on NHL blue lines for too long.

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