January 23, 2011

Those Were The Days: Ron Stewart

This is Ron Stewart, a long time, industrious hockey player throughout the 1950s, 1960s and into the 1970s. Teammates loved Stewart because he was hard working on the ice, and fun loving off of it.

I love this story as told by Billy Harris:

"For 10 years I sat between Bobby Baun and Ron Stewart. Bobby approached his job as a defenseman , and life in general, rather seriously. Stewie didn't. I can't think of any other teammate that got enjoyment out of life than Stewart.

Stewie got serious 70 times a year once the opening face-off took place, and was a very durable and often underrated hockey player.

At least once every year Stewie would suffer an injury, a bad cut or a bruised shoulder or ankle, a slight shoulder separation or a cracked elbow, and he would always inquire, while being examined by the doctor, as to whether the injury would have any effect on his ability to play the piano. When the doctor assured him that he should be able to play the piano just fine after the injury healed, Stewie's reply would always be the same. "Thanks Doc. That's great news because before the injury I couldn't play one note!"

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