January 22, 2011

Shoebox Memories: The Sutters

These fellows need no introduction. They are the Sutter brothers Brian, Brent, Darryl, Duane, Rich and Ron.

It still seems unbelievable as it sounds. Six brothers all from one family making it to the National Hockey League. And if you ask any of them who was the best hockey player in their family, they will all mention Gary, the oldest brother who never made it out of Alberta and to the big leagues.
Of course, the next generation of Sutters is now on the way. Brent's son Brandon and Darryl's son Brett are both with the Carolina Hurricanes. Duane's son Brody and Rich's son Luke are in junior hockey. Brent's son Merrick and Brian's son Shaun also had hockey careers but never made it to the NHL.


Johngy said...

I am waiting on a puck signed by Luke, but otherwise have a signed puck by every Sutter, including mom Sutter (but not dad). It's one of my favorite collections.

Garyryan said...

I wouldn´t trade two american Suters guys for these six brothers with addition of heap of the manure with Don Cherry sitting on the top of it with a couple of pitchforks :-)