August 08, 2020

The Seattle Hockey History Project


As previously mentioned, I am undertaking a new biography project here at I am going to profile all the players who played for the Seattle Metropolitans of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association from 1915 through 1924.

You undoubtedly know the Seattle Kraken is the NHL's newest expansion team. But did you know that 100 years ago the colorful Seattle Mets were one of the most powerful teams in major league hockey, competing for the Stanley Cup three times and, in 1917, becoming the first American team to ever win the most cherished trophy in all of hockey?

Before the Kraken take to the ice and create a new era of hockey history, let's celebrate the men of Seattle's proud hockey past.

Check back here for a master listing of all Seattle biographies;

Archie Briden
Eddie Carpenter 
Hec Fowler
Frank Foyston
Gord Fraser
Smokey Harris
Hap Holmes
Bernie Morris
Lester Patrick
Roy Rickey
Jim Riley
Bobby Rowe
Jack Walker
Cully Wilson

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