December 31, 2016

The Top 100 Hockey Players of the 1940s

Fantastic Forwards

Maurice "Rocket" Richard - 250 goals in 404 games. No one else came close

Doug Bentley - Hall of Famer all 1940s scorers with 475 points in 455 games

Max Bentley - Dipsy Doodle Dandy was second half of amazing brother act

Bill Mosienko - Starred on Pony Line with Bentleys

Elmer Lach - Habs center fueled the Rocket

Toe Blake - Before he was a great coach, he was a great player

Buddy O'Connor - One of the most exciting players of this long ago era

Bill Cowley - Amazing 359 points in just 284 games as his career wound down. He retired as NHL's all time leading scorer in points and assists.

Sid Abel - Old Bootnose powered the Red Wings

Joe Carveth - Big producer in the Stanley Cup playoffs

Roy Conacher - Hall of Famer like his more famous brothers

Teeder Kennedy - Heart of the Leafs 1940s' Stanley Cup dynasty

Syl Apps  - A superstar on and of the ice.

Phil Watson - Fearless and feared

Gus Bodnar - Excelled at all aspects of the game

Gaye Stewart - The best skater of his day

Bryan Hextall - Family Patriarch

Grant Warwick - Heart and Soul

Bep Guidolin - The NHL's youngest player

Murph Chamberlain - Old Hardrock was an excellent defensive forward

Red Hamill - Hard hitter rocked everyone

Milt Schmidt - Life Long Bruin

Woody Dumart - Part of the famed Kraut Line

Bobby Bauer - cerebral "gnat" was other member of Kraut Line

Harry Watson - underrated member of Leafs 1940s dynasty

Clint Smith - "Snuffy" put up big numbers and rarely took a penalty

Ted Lindsay - Better known for his 1950s play, but he played over 300 games as feared winger in 1940s, too.

"Killer" Kaleta - Speedy playmaker 

Robert Fillion - Defensive stalwart

Bud Poile - A lifetime in hockey

Kenny Smith - Skilled but overshadowed

Don "The Count" Grosso - Uncanny resemblance to Dracula

Adam Brown - Hard hitting "Flying Scotsman"

Pete Horeck - Chicago fan favorite

Jimmy Peters Sr. - "Shakey" could dance with the puck

Nick Metz - The Handyman

Don Metz - Cue the comeback

Ken Mosdell - Defensive shadow

Billy Taylor - Promised to be offensive star before gambling scandal

Don Gallinger - Gallinger was also mired in that scandal

Lorne Carr - A star in Toronto

Herb Cain - Put up some big seasons in Boston

Carl Liscombe - Offensive leader

Mud Bruneteau - Key contributor in Detroit

Art Jackson - Busher's brother excelled at third line role in Boston

Edgar Laprade - Rangers All Star

George Gee - Crafty playmaker

Sweeney Schriner - Exciting winger won a couple of Stanley Cups in Toronto

Ray Getliffe - He gave Maurice Richard his nickname, but did much more, too.

Tony Leswick - More famous with the Red Wings in the 50s, he was a solid player with Rangers in the 40s, too.

"Sudden Death" Mel Hill - 1930s Stanley Cup playoffs hero played well into the 1940s as well

Wild Bill Ezinicki - Rambunctious Winger

Eddie Wiseman - He was traded for Eddie Shore

Howie Meeker - Spectacular player for Toronto in late 1940s

Cully Dahlstrom - A rare American player in the NHL in the 1940s

Dutch Hiller - The fastest man on skates

Joe Benoit - Lost his right wing spot to Rocket Richard

Mush March - Black Hawk Mainstay

Neil Colville - Teamed with brother Mac and Alex Shibicky to help Rangers win Stanley Cup in 1940

Mac Colville - "I did all the backchecking" he liked to say

Alex Shibicky - Bread Line triggerman

Murray Armstrong - Solid player who turned into notable coach

Hank Goldup - He didn't own a pair of skates until he was 16 years old

Buzz Boll  - Buzz had some strong seasons until retiring mid-decade

Dominant Defenders

Babe Pratt - Larger than life

Flash Hollett - Rearguard rusher

Pat Egan - "Boxcar." Need a good nickname to be a defenseman in this era.

John Crawford - An early helmet wearer, but it was for vain reasons.

George Allen - Eight seasons with three teams

Bill Quackenbush - Gentlemanly effective

Earl Seibert - An intimidating defender

Glen Harmon - Underrated back line star

Butch Bouchard - Montreal's leader

Ken Reardon - Don Cherry's favorite player growing up

Black Jack Stewart - Hall of Famer hit to hurt

Wally Stanowski - Whirling Dervish could really skate

Bill Juzda - Battles with the Rocket were legendary

Murray Henderson - Part of the famed Conacher family, Henderson was heck of a player too

Joe Cooper - Overcame scary skull fracture to be dependable defender

Eddie Wares - Speedster also played some right wing

Ott Heller - Grizzled veteran wound down his career in this decade

Dit Clapper - One of the all time greats finished his career on the back line.

Reg Hamilton - Forgotten Maple Leaf

Billy Moe - A rare American player

Jimmy Thomson and Gus Mortson - The Gold Dust Twins

Bob Goldham - Solid shot blocker

Bucko McDonald  - Hard Hitting Leaf

Bill Barilko - Bashin' Bill's short but promising career debuted in late 1940s

Vic Lynn  - underrated defender with Leafs dynasty

Great Goalies

Frank Brimsek  - Mr. Zero played more regular season games than anyone.

Bill Durnan - 208-112-34 was the decades best record.

Turk Broda - Won four Stanley Cups in the decade

Harry Lumley - Apple Cheeks was Red Wings regular goalie

Charlie Rayner - Spectacular goalie with some bad teams

Paul Bibeault - A forgotten goalie of this long ago era

Sugar Jim Henry - Good goalie only remembered for shaking Rocket's hand

Ulcers McCool - Unlikely Stanley Cup hero

Mike Karakas - Resurfaced with Chicago

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