December 31, 2016

Top 100 Hockey Players of the 1930s

Eddie Shore - One of the greatest defensemen and players of all time

Tiny Thompson - The decades top goalie played more games than any other NHLer in the 1930s

Charlie Conacher  - The Big Bomber led all goal scorers in the decade with 198 goals in just 375 games

Marty Barry - Crafty pivot tied for most points in the decade with 353 points

Busher Jackson - Tied for most points in the decade with 353 points, though he had more goals and played fewer games

Nels Stewart  - Deadly goal scorer was given decade best nickname "Old Poison:

Johnny Gottselig - Russian born Gottselig was early Chicago hockey hero

Cecil Dillon - He played second fiddle in New York to Frank Boucher and the Cook brothers

Dit Clapper - Clapper was an all star forward in the 30s, and all star defenseman in the 40s

Hooley Smith - He may have been the most beautiful hockey player to watch in the 1930s

Paul Thompson - Tiny's brother was top 10 scorer in the decade

Syd Howe - Before Gordie there was another star in Detroit named Howe.

Herbie Lewis - Detroit speedster

Johnny "Black Cat" Gagnon - Gotta love the nicknames

Ebbie Goodfellow - He may have been a good fellow, but he was a great hockey player.

Frank Boucher - Police officer turned into the Gretzky of his day

Cooney Weiland - Centered Boston's explosive Dynamite Line

Aurel Joliat - Flying Frenchman

Larry Aurie - Forgotten Red Wings great

Red Horner - Twice as many penalties as anyone else in the decade, but heck of a defenseman, too

John Sorrell - Played in more games than any other skater

Sweeney Schriner - Another Russian born superstar in the 1930s

Baldy Northcott - Baldy actually had a full head of hair

Howie Morenz - Tragedy struck NHL's superstar

Art Chapman - Effective but anonymous

Mush March - Fiery spark plug 

Bill Cook - Some of the old timers said Bill Cook was better than Rocket Richard or Gordie Howe

Bun Cook - Overshadowed by brother, but he may have invented the drop pass

Jimmy Ward - Curly haired winger was 

Joe Primeau - Gentleman Joe was truly one of the all time great hockey minds

Babe Siebert - starred on S Line with Hooley Smith and Nels Stewart

Earl Seibert - Okay, don't get these two mixed up now. Note the spelling

Doc Romnes - The first of many Minnesotans in NHL history

Eddie Wiseman - Little man scored big goals

Hap Day - Before he was a legendary coach he was a heck of a player

Herb Cain - Cain was more than able

Lorne Carr - New York Americans star. Remember them?

Earl Robinson - Workmanlike winger

Hec Kilrea - Hurricane Hec

Dave Trottier - Pretty much everybody who played for Montreal Maroons is now forgotten

Paul Haynes - see Trottier, Dave.

Bill Thoms - an excellent utility forward

Bob Gracie - Helped Maroons win Stanley Cup in 1935

Bill Cowley - career started in 1930s. He retired in 1940s as NHL's all time leading scorer

Georges Mantha - Sylvio's brother was a heck of a player too

Ching Johnson - Tough as nails defenseman.

Lionel Conacher  - Canada's athlete of the first half century from 1900-1950

Art Coulter - Leader of the Rangers

Pit Lepine - One of the most underrated Montreal Canadiens players of all time

Marty Burke - Stay at home defender

Butch Keeling - Timely goal scorer

Lynn Patrick  - Teamed well with Cecil Dillon and Phil Watson with the Rangers

Syl Apps - 40's superstar established himself first in the late 1930s

Gord Drillon - New Brunswick's greatest player?

Joe Lamb - Another forgotten Montreal Maroon

Toe Blake - Better known as a coach and Rocket's winger in the 40s, Toe played 200 games in 1930s, too. Scored 141 points.

Wildor Larochelle - He scored the "one million dollar goal."

Glenn Brydson - His nickname: Swampy

Tom Anderson - "Cowboy" won Hart trophy as a defenseman, but is not in Hall of Fame

Ott Heller - Long time Rangers mainstay on defense

Harry Oliver - self taught Hockey Hall of Famer

George Hainsworth - His career numbers will forever rank him among greatest goaltenders

Pep Kelly  - "Pepperpot" Kelly was a speedster and solid all around player

King Clancy - At the time his trade to Toronto was as big as the Gretzky trade

Leroy Goldsworthy - rare American player had a vagabond career

Shrimp Worters - Tiny sized goalie came up big time after time

Al Shields - Tough defenseman had more penalty minutes than Eddie Shore

Russ Blinco - clever pivot was second ever winner of the Calder trophy

Gord Pettinger - won four Stanley Cups

Gus Marker - He didn't even start playing organized hockey until his late teens

Doug Young - Captained Detroit to back-to-back Stanley Cup championships

Alex Levinsky - "Mine Boy" won two Stanley Cups in 1930s

Lorne Chabot - There are still people calling for his inclusion in the Hockey Hall of Fame

Charlie Gardiner - Only goalie to captain his team (Chicago) to the Stanley Cup

Red Beattie - Overcame a broken leg to be regular NHLer throughout decade

Murray Murdoch - Hockey's original iron man.

Frank Finnigan - The Slumbering Romeo extended career nicely in 1930s

Charlie Sands - Effective forward would one day be in a Hollywood film!

Dave Kerr - Rangers great goalie was first ever hockey player on cover of Time magazine

Wilf CudeMike Karakas and Bill Beveridge  - three long time 30s goalies who lost more than they won thanks to weak teams

Normie Smith - Won Vezina trophy and couple of Stanley Cups

John Ross Roach - Rangers goalie for first half of decade

Neil Colville - Debuted half way through decade and established himself as a star.

Cy Wentworth - a consistent defensive presence

Andy Blair - This Andy was a dandy

Mud Bruneteau - Stanley Cup hero

Buzz Boll - Industrious winger was a regular in Toronto

Carl Voss - Well travelled 1930s regular

Flash Hollett - Offensive defensemen

Stewart Evans - Long time defenseman won Stanley Cup in 1935

Roger Jenkins - Two time Stanley Cup champion was excellent rearguard

Armand Mondou - He took the NHL's first penalty shot.

Tom Cook - Played more than 300 games but all but forgotten.

Hap Emms - A second player in the 1930s nicknamed Happy. I thought this was the Great Depression

Normie Himes - Small but heady star

Ace Bailey - You can't talk about hockey in the 1930s without mentioning the tragedy involving Ace Bailey

Rabbit McVeigh  - Another of hockey's great nicknames

Louis Trudel - His middle name? Napolean.

Art Jackson - Busher's less famous younger brother

Sylvio Mantha - Habs defender won two Stanley Cups in the decade.

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