January 21, 2015

Rendez Vous '87

In February, 1987, the NHL All Star Game was set aside for one season. In its place was a two game series in Quebec City that pitted the NHL All Stars against what many people call the strongest team ever iced - The Soviet National team.

There was no clear winner as each side won one game a piece, although the Soviets did score 1 more goal than did the NHL All Stars. Wayne Gretzky led all players with 4 assists, but he was upstaged by the spectacular play of big Russian left winger Valeri Kamensky. Kamensky would later be allowed to play in Quebec City with the Nordiques when he was first cleared to play in the National Hockey League.

Below is a collection of articles, photos, videos and statistics to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Rendez Vous '87!


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