January 22, 2007

Rendez Vous '87 - Game One On YouTube

A YouTube user named "GrantFuhr" was kind enough to supply the following video clips of Rendez Vous '87:

Kurri, Gretzky Open The Scoring

Just 5:23 into the opening period of the opening game, Team NHL gets off to a great start by scoring the opening goal. The Edmonton Oilers top line were in tact for this tournament, and Gretzky-Kurri-Tikkanen were very prominent. Beautiful goal here, a very typical Gretzky-to-Kurri goal. And note the large-chinned man when the camera cuts to the audience shot - Prime Minister Brian Mulroney seemed very happy.

Bykov Knots Score At Two

One of my favorite Soviet players was the undersized second line center man Vyacheslav Bykov. Together with long time linemate Andrei Khomutov and the next great Soviet star Valeri Kamensky, the line would arguably outshine the KLM unit of Krutov, Larionov, and Makarov. Bykov shows his speed and wicked wrist shot here.

Semenov Pays The Price To Equal The Score Again

I always enjoyed watching the enigma known as Anatoli Semenov, whether I was viewing him as the CCCP Anatoli Sem-yawn-ov, as North American broadcasters originally called him, or as the underachieving center for the Vancouver Canucks or Edmonton Oilers. Semenov was a real heady player who never seemed to produce as his talents suggested.

Here he scores a beauty of a goal, showing an explosive burst of speed, and then crashes dangerously into the unforgiving goal post.

Poulin Scores The Winner In Dying Minutes

Dave Poulin was a great player and a great leader. He won't be remembered by history as such, but those who watched him closely appreciated everything he brought to the rink. Poulin may have scored the biggest goal of his life on this play, deflecting a Mario Lemieux shot with a little over one minute to play.

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