January 22, 2007

Rendez Vous '87 - Game Two On YouTube

Continuing with our YouTube highlights, here's game two (Thanks to YouTube user "GrantFuhr")

Messier Opens Scoring In Game Two

The Edmonton Oilers dreaded power play gives the NHL a promising opening lead. Wayne Gretzky fools defenders Fetisov and Kasatonov with a quick pass rather than coming out front. Jari Kurri finds an open Mark Messier up front. Watch Soviet goaltender Evgeni Belosheikin - goaltending has sure evolved in 20 years. You wouldn't see any goaltender today play that shot like that. But back then that was the norm.

Krutov Gives Soviets 2-1 Lead

Vladimir Krutov's legacy may be forever tarnished by his inability to adjust to the NHL on and off the ice, but in 1987 he may have been the best player in Russia, and perhaps the best player not named Wayne Gretzky. He was dominant in the 1987 Canada Cup a few months after scoring this nice goal.

What makes this clip all the more interesting is the North American feed was tapped into the Russian audio at the time of the goal.

Kamensky Wows The Crowd, Gives Soviets Two Goal Lead

Amazing goal by an amazing talent. The commentators describe it as "dazzling, "brilliant," and Frank Mahovlich-like.

Gretzky Starts The Come Back

Even with the NHL All Stars as his teammates, as Wayne Gretzky goes his team goes. Gretzky makes a brilliant pass to the heavy shooting Doug Wilson to pull within one.

More Kamensky Magic

Andrei Khomutov makes 5-2 with just 3 minutes left, but watch Valeri Kamensky on this play. He's such a dominating presence.

Bourque Rounds Out Scoring

Team NHL shows some nice power play work to score a late goal to make it respectable. Watch Gretzky's little tug that somehow referees always let him get away with. Nice pass by Mario Lemieux, too.

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