January 22, 2007

Rendez Vous '87 More Than Just Hockey

Rendez-Vous '87 wasn't about hockey. The two hockey games themselves definitely were, but Rendez-Vous itself was a much bigger venture

Coinciding with the legendary Quebec Winter Carnival, Quebec Nordiques owner Marcel Aubut took it upon himself to make the NHL all star game much more than anything before, or for that matter since.

The most obvious change was change on the ice. Instead of NHL all stars from the two conferences squaring off, the Soviet National team was brought in to face the very best the NHL had to offer. This also happened in 1979 in a best of three series known as the Challenge Cup.

But Rendez-Vous encompassed so much more than just hockey. It was a cultural bringing together of Russia, the United States, and Canada. With the change in hockey format and the tie-in with the Winter Carnival confirmed, Aubut, a proud Quebecois, went about making it a "super-Carnival."

The Carnival went ahead with the traditional parades, variety shows and Snow Queen pageants, but also featured some fascinating additions.... Full Story

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