January 26, 2017

Happy Birthday Wayne Gretzky

Believe it or not, Wayne Gretzky turns 56 years old today.

Here's some photos of Wayne when he was a little younger, followed by some of my favorite Gretzky features from over the years:

 Here are a few of my favorite stories I've done on Wayne Gretzky:


Erica van wyk said...

HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY GRETZKY:) we love you,greatest hockey player ever. amazing.:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe! It's Ange from Quebec! Thanks for this little article on Gretz...time does fly!

I feel nostalgic today, about Wayne's days and my youth...just reminds me we're all gettin' older today anyways...

See ya!

Alex F. said...

Gretzky was the greatest points machine but for sheer excitement, I think Lemieux tops him. Still, Happy Birthday to the Great One!