November 17, 2016

Pro Stars and Other Gretzky Endorsements

Remember that short lived Saturday morning cartoon show Pro Stars? It starred animated superhero versions of Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson and Wayne Gretzky helping out endangered kids. Gretzky was casted as more of the comedic California surfer dude than a hockey star. Here's a YouTube flashback:

Of course, any mention of Bo Jackson and Wayne Gretzky always reminds me of the Bo Don't Know Diddley commercial:

Anyways...Pro Stars was more than just a television show. It was a franchise with spin off products like toys and books and most famously, cereal:

All of this got me thinking: What other old school Wayne Gretzky endorsements can be found online nowadays. The answer is a whole treasure chest worth!

Who can forget this 7-Up classic where little brother Keith steals the spotlight:

Here's another 7-Up commercial where he co-stars with Morris Lukowich and Richard Sevigny of all people:

Sometimes Wayne liked a good ol' Mr. Big bar with his beverage:

Here's a McDonald's commercial with Mats Sundin:

Wayne may promote Ford in Canada nowadays, but he used to promote Nissan. Do you really think Wayne Gretzky drove one of these things?

Of course he must have done a zillion ads for the NHL. Here's one of my favorites:

Then there was the Wayne Gretzky Barbie Doll - no kidding:

To no surprise Gretzky also did PSA's, like this one for mentally handicapped people:

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dave@illegalcurve said...

Of course they have to show Gretzky scoring against the Jets. Haven't we suffered enough?

tuxedoTshirt said...

According to his book, the reason he just said "no" in the Bo Jackson commercial was that after 15 takes he actually couldn't spit the words out and the film crew threw in the towel. He offers no explanation but I felt he just couldn't bring himself. Thank God. Baseball and football are not chopped liver but they are not hockey. Wayne knew his obligation. How bout Bo running on the wall though?