January 30, 2013

Wayne Gretzky Trivia

* In the mid-1980s, Wayne Gretzky and this goaltender played a game of table-top hockey in a commercial promoting Gillette razors. It was the first time a North American company used a Soviet athlete to promote its products.

* This player was Wayne Gretzky's boyhood idol.

* Wayne Gretzky scored on 155 different goaltenders. He scored against this netminder 29 times, the most of any of his victims.

* Besides Wayne Gretzky, only one other teenager has scored 50 goals in a National Hockey League season.

* Wayne Gretzky scored 583 goals with the Edmonton Oilers, and 246 with the Los Angeles Kings. Only two other players have scored at least 200 goals with two different franchises. Player One and Player Two.

* In the 1990s, Wayne Gretzky scored 1020 points, the most of any player. This player was second with 926 points.

* In 1977-78, Wayne Gretzky scored 182 points in his only season in major junior hockey. He finished second that year in scoring to this fellow future NHL star.

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