April 05, 2018

A Personal Goodbye To The Sedins

I have watched a lot of hockey over the years. I have seen all the greats from 1980 to now. While I've tried to appreciate every player for what they are or were, very few of those players would I consider saying that I had the privilege of watching.

The Sedins were something truly unique. They weren't powered by physical gifts such as skating or strength, but by their advanced hockey IQ. But they were more than hockey geniuses. Their creativity and their insistence on playing a beautiful game made them magical.

Not enough can be said about them off the ice, either. The word classy has been used a million times to describe them, but this is not a case of overkill. They are the definition of class.

In the end we will miss the creative magic, but their humble elegance will forever grace this franchise. It is a franchise that historically has not been very good, and as they continue to stumble now leaves a long time fan like me wondering at times if it's even worth it at times.

But with people like the Sedins defining the franchise, the answer is most definitely yes. On a day like today, we could not be more proud to call ourselves Canucks fans.

We are all Canucks. We should all try to be like the Sedins.

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Chazac said...

Geez Louise Joe !!! 5 outta the last 6 articles are on the Sedins ... can we move on? They were good but they probably should have played their career in the Swedish Elite League. You've got to be a bit tougher to play in the NHL than they showed (in at least winning a Cup). No they are not first ballot HOF's but they'll probably get in.