July 13, 2013

1994 Vancouver Canucks: What A Mess!

The following is an excerpt from my unreleased book: Remembering The 1994 Vancouver Canucks. Please see below for the full table of contents.

While I firmly believe Brian Leetch and Mike Richter deserve more of the credit for the New York Rangers Stanley Cup championship in 1994, even Canucks fans have to give Mark Messier his due.

With his guarantees and scary stare, he was the rare hockey player who transcended New York. He truly was Manhattan’s Messiah!

Messier was hockey’s ultimate warrior. Universally hailed for his leadership and his take no prisoners approach to the game, Messier’s legacy is unquestioned. He is undoubtedly one of the top  players to ever play the game of hockey.

What a Mess!

Unfortunately, a few years later Vancouver fans would learn just how big of a mess Mark Messier could really make.

And I still can't stand this image:

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