June 12, 2010

Favorite Moments From 2009-10

Maybe it something everyone experiences as they get older, but I seem to appreciate hockey more and more with every passing season. From Martin Brodeur's new all time shutout record to Crosby's emergence as the best player in the game to the Winter Classic at Fenway Park to the return of Hawk-ey in Chicago, the 2009-10 season was arguably my most favorite season to date.

Here's my top five favorite moments from the 2009-10 season:

5. Sedins Magic - I never even dreamed that my Vancouver Canucks would be so fortunate as to have the Art Ross trophy winner - and maybe the Hart Trophy winner yet, too - but that's what happened in 2009-10. Henrik Sedin's amazing season was a joy to witness. Unlike a lot of Vancouver fans I have always appreciated watching the Sedins, but I don't know that I thought they could ever be that good. Granted, we're talking regular season mostly here, but on a number of occassions I found myself sitting back realizing I am witnessing two real special players.

4. Believing In My Own Team - As a lifelong Vancouver Canucks fan, I never had the feeling I had in 2010 - I believed my Canucks could actually win the Stanley Cup. True, I began to believe that as the team advanced through the rounds back in 1994, but this was the first season I have ever believed - expected, even - the Canucks to win the Stanley Cup. I even predicted they would do just that on CBC radio. Obviously they didn't, but to have that feeling was so foreign yet so wonderful. I hope to experience that again sometime soon.

3. Hockeyville - The NHL season started with something that I would never even dream of prior to 2009 - the National Hockey League, the Stanley Cup, the Vancouver Canucks and New York Islanders, and even Ron MacLean and Don Cherry came to my tiny hometown - Terrace BC, population less than 20,000 - as we won the Kraft Hockeyville competition. It was arguably the greatest day in Terrace's history. As an added bonus, I got to cover the whole story for The Hockey News.

2. The Golden Goal, Canada's Golden Games - International hockey is perhaps an even bigger passion of mine than the NHL. Team Canada is undeniably my team. I had been looking forward the Vancouver Olympics since the day they were awarded the games way back on July 2nd, 2003. Canada's task was near impossible - win on home ice in an unreal pressure packed situation where only gold will do. Canada somehow won it, with Roberto Luongo in net and with Sidney Crosby playing hero with an ending we will never forget. And let's not forget the first women's gold medal on home ice, too!

1. Kylie's First NHL Game - we had the chance to treat my girlfriend's oldest daughter with a surprise Sweet Sixteen birthday trip to Vancouver complete with amazing seats (thanks again to Brett and Lorne Henning) so she could enjoy her first Canucks game. I think my favorite moment (excluding all the time in shopping malls) was watching her notice the happy birthday message on the jumbotron. Knowing that I have passed on the love of hockey to her and more importantly that we have made a hopefully positive influence in her life in general is just the greatest feeling.

What are your favorite moments from the 2009-10 hockey season? Share your thoughts here or join me in conversation on Twitter @HockeyLegends.

I also just wanted to thank the many readers of GreatestHockeyLegends.com and HockeyBookReviews.com. You make this experience totally worthwhile. I will continue to be adding lots of material all summer long, including more commentary, former player biographies, news about former players and of course 2010 hockey book previews! Keep coming back all summer long.

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