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September 26, 2007

Photo Essay: Soviet Jersey History

I thought you might be interested in looking at some historic photos of famous Russian jerseys over the years.

Some of these images come from www.oldjerseys.com. In no way am I affiliated with them. They do have an impressive collection of old and new jerseys for sale, but since I have never purchased anything through them, I can not offer my opinion on their service one way or another. Other images were supplied by Stefano Quaino - an expert on Soviet Jerseys and Soviet hockey.

This is the "original" Soviet National Team jersey. It was used in the 1954 World Championships. It is strikingly different than than all the jerseys that would follow. Most noticeably different is the dark blue instead of the usual Soviet red. This Hall of Fame photo doesn't give the jersey full justice. Original stars like Bobrov and Tarasov wore this jersey with great pride.

These two jerseys are the classic Soviet National Team jerseys. These of course were used during the 1972 Summit Series! The real deal were made of a heavy material, much like the old pre-WWII NHL jerseys. Surprisingly replica jerseys are hard to come by, although several e-tailers offer such products.

Here are some interesting alternative jerseys that weren't commonly seen in North America. These are also from the 1970s. I'm not sure when these jerseys were actually used.

The classic jersey was given an upgrade in the late 1970s. The result is to the right, and became the jersey of the 1980s for the Soviet national team These jerseys were used throughout the Larionov and Fetisov era in the 1980s.

As Glasnost and Perestroika arrived in Russia, so did new hockey jerseys. These beautiful jerseys were used primarily in the late 1980s and early 1990s until the Soviet Union no longer existed. Players like Sergei Fedorov wore these jerseys.

Speaking of Fedorov, this was his #18 jersey during the 1991 Canada Cup. I suppose the people in charge of Russian hockey learned to capitalize on capitalism faster than much of the former Communist country. They quickly adopted a common North American trick and started coming out with redesigned jerseys often in order to generate more revenue.


Todd Gardner said...

Please note that the jersey with the diamonds across the bottom was worn by what might be considered the greatest of the Soviet National teams. The players of this era included Vladislav Tretiak, who many consider the greatest goalie of all time, Vladimir Petrov, Boris Mikhailov and Valeri Kharlamov, whose jersey is shown,and who many consider the greatest player in Soviet National team history. MAN I LOVED THAT TEAM.

Anonymous said...

"Original stars like Bobrov and Tarasov wore this jersey with great pride."

Tarasov never played for the Soviet national team.


Anonymous said...

That is correct.

Anatoli Tarasov never played for the national team.

He had retired as a player before the USSR played their first official international match.

Rolf Oeler

1972CCCP said...

The 1980 Soviet Team was good but it was missing Yakushev, one of the greatest wingers of all time-also defensemen Kuzkin,Tsygankov and Ragulin.Maltsev and Kapustin were also not on that roster.The 1976 team would have beaten the US in 1980.The 1980 win was still a one in a million.The 1972 sweater did not have the bottom thin stripe at the waist of the sweater.

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