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September 26, 2007

Photo Essay: Team Canada Jersey History

This is the first ever Team Canada jersey. It was used by the Winnipeg Falcons, the first ever Olympic champions of hockey. These jerseys became popular again when Team Canada used replica's for the 2004 World Cup of Hockey

In 1961 Canada continued to be represented by amateur teams. This jersey was worn by the now famous Trail Smoke Eaters. This group of Cominco mining employees which included Seth Martin, Norm Lenardon and Addie Tambellini captured the last World Championship Canada would win until 1994.
With the Soviets dominating the international hockey scene, it was decided Canada would no longer be able to send amateur teams consisting of mill workers or car dealers and hope to win. Canada formed it's first national team program. This is the jersey they wore throughout the 1960s.

Of course, The 1972 Summit Series jerseys need no introduction. Back in 1972
there was quite some controversy over the jersey selections

With special attention already paid to the 1972 Summit Series jerseys we now focus on the other Summit Series - the 1974 tournament which saw the World Hockey Association unsuccessfully take on the Russians in a very similar tournament. This was the jersey worn by the likes of Bobby Hull and Gordie Howe. Paul Henderson also wore this jersey.

These were the jerseys used throughout the exciting history of the Canada Cup. The tournament was played in 1976, 1981, 1984, 1987 and 1991, with Canada winning all but the 1981 tournament, which was claimed by the Russians in convincing fashion. More information on the Canada Cup and it's successor The World Cup of Hockey.

This is a jersey from 1977-1979. I'm not sure what teams wore it, but it is a radical departure from previous Team Canada jerseys.

Perhaps the 1979 jersey was too radical, as in 1980 they returned to a very familiar look. This jersey was used in the World Junior championships as well as other tournaments not involving NHL players.

By 1982 Canada had switched yet again to a more modern look.

This is the "Dave King era" jersey which was was used in the 1984 and 1988 Olympics.
Last but not least is the 2002 Olympic jerseys. Canada has been using this current logo since the early 1990s for all levels of international competition. The jersey styles change almost yearly in terms of striping along the arms and bottom, the neck style, the lettering and numbering style and colours. More and more black appears in the jersey as time has gone by. These jerseys are a commercial success and everyone loves the logo that it looks like this will be Canada's symbol of hockey pride for many years to come

The most modern renditions are below, with an alternative black 3rd jersey featuring the retro logo. The logos are now outlined in gold, to represent championships.


Steve said...

The "79" jersey was worn in by Canada in the World Championships from 1977-1979. They were horrid - as were some of the teams (one lost 11-0 to the Soviets)


House of Israel said...

Hi! You might want to check this out
Catherine and Darryl Taylor

some great Trail Smoke eaters stuff!

Take care!

Michael said...

Who made the Jerseys from the 1987 Canada Cup? (like what company? Nike? CCM? Who?)

Also, anyone know a website where you can perchase replicas?

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