August 19, 2007

The Greatest Hockey Players Of All Time

Here is my final listing of the Top 36 hockey players of all time, and just to create some more controversy, I thought I'd put them in order. My list features strong emphasis on career accomplishments, awards and championships, and, perhaps most importantly, legacy. Ability takes a back seat to these other categories.

In total I have 11 centers, 10 defenseman, 6 RWs, 3 LWs and 6 goalies. I have 4 players from pre-1950, 11 from the Original Six days, 6 from 1967-1980, 10 from 1980-1994 and 4 from 1995 through present, 3 of which are still active. I'm really happy with that balance. I have 29 North Americans and 7 European trained players. Some say I've included too many International stars, some say not nearly enough.

Wayne Gretzky - Once an Oiler, always an Oiler. The Great One lived up to his nickname, and may be the greatest athlete ever.
Bobby Orr - "The perfect hockey player." Bobby Orr revolutionized the game so that players like Gretzky and Lemieux could raise the bar even higher.
Gordie Howe - Forget about Gretzky or Lemieux. Old time hockey fans will insist Gordie Howe is the greatest of all time, with great merit. Mr. Hockey could do it all
Mario Lemieux - Magnificent is the perfect word to describe Mario Lemieux. Number 66 is the most physically gifted player to ever play the game of hockey.
Maurice "Rocket" Richard - Montreal's incomparable Rocket Richard was far more than just a great hockey player - he represented all of Quebec.
Patrick Roy - The greatest goaltender of all time. The Montreal Forum was St. Patrick's cathedral for many years before moving on to Colorado.
Mark Messier - Edmonton's native son later became the brightest star on Broadway. Mark Messier truly became Manhattan's immortal "Messiah" in 1994.
Jean Beliveau - One of the top ten players of all time, few were more graceful on or off the ice than hockey's original gentle giant.
Bobby Hull - The Golden Jet might be better known nowadays as Brett's dad, but this Chicago and Winnipeg legend is one of the most important players in hockey history
Jacques Plante - Best known for literally changing the face of hockey, Jake The Snake may be the greatest goalie of all time if not the most important.
Doug Harvey - Considered by many to be the second greatest defenseman of all time, Harvey may have been the most important cog in the Habs 5 consecutive Stanley Cups in 1950s
Stan Mikita - While he may have been overshadowed a bit by the charismatic Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita was the better player of the two.
Terry Sawchuk - Though modern fans will likely choose Patrick Roy or Dominik Hasek, veteran fans will tell you Terry Sawchuk is the greatest goaltender of all time. His peak performance in the 1950s was amazing.
Red Kelly - A superstar defenseman with the Detroit Red Wings, Red Kelly would later effortlessly become one of the most cerebral centers in hockey history while with the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Ray Bourque - He played in the shadows of Bobby Orr, yet Ray Bourque ranks as one of the game's greatest defensemen too.
Guy Lafleur - For six years in the 1970s Guy Lafleur redefined the words amazing and fantastique when used to describe a hockey player. Every goal was an event to witness.
Viacheslav Fetisov - Viacheslav Fetisov will always be remembered as a warrior - on the ice and off of it. His on ice performance on the international scene alone gets him on this list.
Eddie Shore - Despite finishing his NHL career back in the 1930s, he's the one old-timer who consistently ranks in all of top 10 greatest players lists.
Steve Yzerman - What more can be said about Stevie Wonder? He was one of hockey's greatest players and classiest people.
Bryan Trottier - The best two way player of his generation, Hall of Famer Trottier was slightly overshadowed by flashier teammates Bossy and Potvin, but will forever appreciated.
Mike Bossy - Arguably the greatest pure sniper of all time, this goal scoring machine helped the New York Islanders capture four consecutive Stanley Cup Championships.
Phil Esposito - One of hockey's greatest scorers led the Boston Bruins to two Stanley Cups and led Team Canada to their greatest victory.
Valeri Kharlamov - Though he never played in the NHL, the Soviet half-Spaniard easily ranks as one of the greatest LWs of all time.
Ted Lindsay - His legacy may forever spearheading the Player's Association movement, but "Terrible Ted" Lindsay was one mean and talented hockey player.
Denis Potvin - Perhaps one of the top 5 defensemen in the history of the game, Denis Potvin captained the New York Islanders dynasty while rewriting Bobby Orr's records.
Larry Robinson - "Big Bird" had the all the assets to be the ultimate prototypical NHL defenseman of any era.
"Mr Goalie" Glenn Hall - The grandfather of butterfly goaltending played a record 502 consecutive games without a mask.
Jari Kurri - "Gretzky to Kurri....scores!" was a call heard 429 times in Edmonton. The game hasn't seen quite as dynamic of a duo since.
Dit Clapper - Dit Clapper is the only player in NHL history to be named a All Star at both forward and defense.
Bobby Clarke - Depending on who you ask, Bobby Clarke is one of hockey's greatest players or one of hockey's greatest villains. The truth is he was both.
Vladislav Tretiak - Vladislav Tretiak is one of the greatest hockey heroes, not just in Russia but also in Canada and all around the world.
Dominik Hasek - As unorthodox as he is, his peak performance with Buffalo and the Czech national team from 1993 through 1992 is hard to match.
Jaromir Jagr - Someone will point to his reputation for being lazy defensively, but his resume is as impressive as anyone. Based on talent alone, he's a top 10, maybe top 5 player of all time.
Howie Morenz - The NHL's first superstar, Montreal Canadiens great Howie Morenz was dubbed "The Babe Ruth of Hockey."
Niklas Lidstrom - Quietly this Super Swede has had a career on par with that of Ray Bourque.
Milt Schmidt - Mr. Boston Bruin, time has forgotten just important Milt Schmidt was to Boston's storied sporting landscape..

I really wanted to include Vsevolod Bobrov, Peter Stastny, Sergei Makarov, and Borje Salming. I also really wanted to include more old-timers like Syl Apps, Frank Boucher and Teeder Kennedy. In the end, there just was not enough room.

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Lowetide said...

It's a really good list, Joe. I especially like your treatment of the goalies (their ranks seem logical) and you represented Russia very well imo.

It's a tough list to do, I'm sure, just based on who to leave out and then where to rank the very best of the very best (say, top 12 or so).

Excellent job.

Now do worst 36. :-)

Vikash said...

I think this is a pretty impressive list that your created, given all the constraints. The representation of the various groups (goalies, d-men, forwards, pre-1950s, current players, et al) was very carefully thought out. As a Devil fan, though, I kinda wish that you kept Brodeur in (:P).

Anonymous said...

Messier should not be included on any list that contains the word Greatest.

He's a disgrace of a hockey player, running heads and cutting throats in all star games? demanding captaincy and throwing out the former captain? basically ruining a franchise for years?

Anonymous said...

Very fair list including those from the older eras, but I must too admit that I was a little disapointed not to find Marty Brodeur on the list or Bernie Parent. Though I was happy with the inclusion of Tretiak. Perhaps it's because I'm a Devils fan myself as well, but what about Scott Stevens? And in response to "anonymous," I hate Mark Messier with a passion, but no list would ever be considered legit without him on it. He is second only to Gretzky on the career points list. How could you not include him?

All in all, a nice list.

Justin said...

Joe Sakic anyone?

Kurri should not be there, imo. Forsberg was greater than Kurri.

Good list overall, though.

Anonymous said...

you forgot the most important player and that is Brendan Shanahan the #1 nice guy in the nhl he is always there for his teamates and is always trying to sell the game to fans. I think u should do a greatast sportsman list and put shanny right at the top

Ronald said...

Given the way Martin Brodeur adds to his resume year after year, being close to the all-time leaders in shutouts(96) and wins(518) after "only" 14 seasons in the league, most overtime wins, most wins in a season(48), he is the one person I think should be on the list. You also have to consider his durability, as he's played 70+ games in 10 of the last 11 seasons. 3 Vezina trophies is a handful, too. My last criteria? 2.20 goals against average for his career, and 1.88 in the playoffs.

Now then, about Dominik Hasek...

Anonymous said...

good list but where's ron francis?

Sports_Nut said...




An email has been sent to you on the same topic.

Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

good list, but somewhere you missed a guy named cam neely. although injuries cut his career short one of the best all around players of all time bar ten

Odie said...

you forgot Sprague Cleghorn?

Anonymous said...

Mr.Pelletier.I was starting to froth at the mouth the farther down the list I read.Each time my eyes drifted downward to the next player my heart sank when I didn't see Teeder.I likely would have went into convulsions if you hadn't given him an honorable mention.The Kennedy's were very close to my Mom and Dad. Mother actually worked with them daily providing assistance as a Red Cross worker.She came home with some hockey stories that would make YOU froth at the mouth.I'd be glad to share some of them with you.I know the readers in here would be blown away by their

Anonymous said...

Good list and thoughts but Messier is too high and I think Lafleur is too low. Probably just near the top ten.

Jordy said...

lol! what is Fetisov doing on this list? With all due respect there is alot of room for improvement on your list. Where is Marcel Dionne, Joe Sakic, Paul Coffey, Martin Brodeur? The fact you wanted Makorov, Salming and Bobrov on here over any of the guys I mentioned scares me a little

Anonymous said...

Lowetide said...
It's a really good list, Joe. I especially like your treatment of the goalies (their ranks seem logical)

and you represented Russia very well imo.

It's a tough list to do, I'm sure, just based on who to leave out and then where to rank the very best
of the very best (say, top 12 or so).

Excellent job.
Not bad, but it's just a Can/Am version))
Firsov, Maltsev, Vasiliev, Yakushev, Ragulin, Sologubov, Starshinov, Guryshev, Makarov, Larionov, Krutov, Kasatonov, Tregubov, Konstantinov...

"Bobby Orr - "The perfect hockey player." Bobby Orr revolutionized the game so that players like
Gretzky and Lemieux could raise the bar even higher.")))
Sologubov and other Russian defensemen made the same since 1946))
"Center" Gretzky had no idea where his own goalie is situated, "Center" Gretzky and Selke Trophy it's fantastic))

Anonymous said...

Not bad, but it's just a Can/Am version))
Firsov, Maltsev, Vasiliev, Yakushev, Ragulin, Sologubov, Starshinov, Guryshev, Makarov, Larionov, Krutov, Kasatonov, Tregubov, Konstantinov...

"Bobby Orr - "The perfect hockey player." Bobby Orr revolutionized the game so that players like
Gretzky and Lemieux could raise the bar even higher.")))

Sologubov and other Russian defensemen made the same since 1946))
"Center" Gretzky had no idea where his own goalie is situated, "Center" Gretzky and Selke Trophy it's fantastic))

garvin said...

i honestly believe Frank Mahovalich was btter than a few you have mentioned my choice he should be there cheers

Anonymous said...

Take Cancer out of the equasion & the most pathetic commissioner(bettman) out of it as well, and Mario Lemiuex is the absolute best hockey player to ever live, without a doubt. What he did when he was able to play is un-matched by ANYONE EVER. He was the best, most talented goal scorer ever. No one was feared like Lemieux. The great one was great, Mario was the greatest.

Anonymous said...

I would have included Cam Neely. He was the quintesential power forward. The best combination of power and skill we've seen in quite some time.

Anonymous said...

i like the list alot but do you not see anyone from the past 2 seasons asbeing that good? how bout sidney crosby? Alex Ovechkin? Martin Brodeur?

Anonymous said...

Try this list, completely unbiased and built on skil and pure results:
Tretjak, Makarov, Krutov, Larionov,Fetisov, Kasatonov, Mikhailov, Kharlamov, Petrov, Vasiljev, Jakushev,Shepelev,Maltsev, Ragulin, Kapustin,Balderis, Kamenskij, Homutov, Lutjenko, Bykov, Babinov, Sjalimov, Bure,oh and I just forgot Gretzky, maybe...

Anonymous said...

switch your top two and it's finished properly.gretzky was w/o a doubt the greatest offensive player but orr was the greatest ever.

Anonymous said...

where is sidney crosby?

nice list though

Anonymous said...

Great list, I agree. The conversations that underwrote an attempt to arrive at a universal consensus as to what is means to be the "greatest" hockey player of all time would be fascinating. Qualitative evaluations of players based on such definitions would be equally so. While I've never spent a lot of time thinking through all of the player attributes that would be relevant to such discussions, I firmly believe that when one looks to the most brilliant plays ever recorded in the annuls of the modern professional hockey, Bobby Orr's finest moments on the ice are beyond compare.

Anonymous said...

Marcel Dionne, everyone forgets about Marcel. And to above who said Sidney Crosby, Crosby cant even wipe the snow off these guys blades

Anonymous said...

I just dont know how you leave Brett hull out. Over 700 goals. 3rd alltime. Yea he didnt play defense early in his career but he did towards the end and won 2 stanley cups because of it. Golden Breet should def be up there.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I disagree with is # 1 & 2. Bobby Orr is the greatest of all time. Period.
Why? Name 1 other player that won the Ross, Hart, Norris, Conn Smythe, and Stanley Cup in the same year.
Orr did it in 1970.
Orr is and will most likely be the only defenseman to win the Ross trophy,and he did it twice, 69-70 & 74-75.
PS: Great job compiling the list!

Anonymous said...

Brett Hull, Joe Sakic, Marty Brodeur. Good list but you forgot a few.

D.Fudge said...

No SaKic, no Brodeur, NO RON FRANCIS, and no Paul Coffey...??????????????

Forsberg was great as well.

Why is Fetisov there. Fuck Lafleur!

Lemieux should be #1 or 2.

Not a well thought out list.

Anonymous said...

you missed darryl sittler 10 points in one game

Anonymous said...

Great list.
Only complaint i have is i think steve y should be higher

AH said...

I'm Finnish and all, but there's no way Jari Kurri should be that high.

I'm pretty pleased with your Russian selections, however, though in my opinion, Firsov was slightly better than Kharlamov and Makarov almost his equal.

Landon McAllister said...

Why didn't Sakic make the list? He was one of the most clutch players ever to play the game... many game winners came from Sakic! Most memorable to me was during the 2002 Olympics when he scored the winner against the Americans to give CANADA the gold!

Landon McAllister said...

Why didn't Sakic make the list? He was one of the most clutch players ever to play the game... many game winners came from Sakic! Most memorable to me was during the 2002 Olympics when he scored the winner against the Americans to give CANADA the gold!

Anonymous said...

Where is Trevor Linden?!! How could u possibly forget him? He's one of the best hockey players ever! :)

Anonymous said...

I like the Top 4, though I'm not so sure about the order. Plus I would have added Messier in the top 5. He is easily the most complete 2 way player in the history of the game. All in all, a nice list, though not perfect. Then again a perfect one is not achievable. Someone deserving is always going to be left off.

Anonymous said...

idc what anyone says ovechkin is better than anyone

Anonymous said...

Maurice Richard # 5? What kind of crap is that. Look at the supporting cast he had. The year he scored 50 goals should not count and he wasn't even named most valuable player that year. How many scoring titles did he win?..ZERO!. A great player yes but number 5? Top twenty maybe.Yes he showed up for the playoffs like Claude Lemieux. Years where he scored zero goals and 1 goal with his name on the cup. Where is Nels Stewart and Elmer Lach?

Hall Of Famer said...

How about Toronto players
Darryl Sittler, Johnny Bower, Frank Mahovlich and Tim Horton for instance.
If These guys can get in the HHOF and the hockey news list of 100 greates hockey players then thes guys have a case

Derek said...

Just because I looked into the early Bruins so well (maybe I am biased) but Eddie Shore should rank high. I look at greatest of all time as players that have revolutionized the game and brought the home town to their knees in praise and booed by all the opponents.
1. Gretzky
2. Orr/Shore - too close to call
4. Maurice Richard - paper dolls and all.
5. Gordie Howe
6. Bobby Hull
7. Crosby/Ovechkin - may run higher before their career is done.

Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

One thing thats always bothered me is the comparison of the best two modern era NHL offensive-defenseman. Im talking two number 77's, Coffey and Bourque. Obviously Ray Bourque was great and has the most pts of any defenseman but considering that he played the bulk of his career with one team, many of the same players, and played about two and a half seasons more worth of games. Paul Coffey, although he did not win as many cups as he could have, he won more than Bourque and had much bigger seasons than Ray, and he played on more teams that got to the finals with him than maybe any other player in nhl history (including LA even though he was traded before the playoffs, he was why they were seeded well that season) I guarantee had Coffey had a longer stay with Edm. Det. and Pit, etc etc, he would have had not only a better ppg and efficiency rating, he would have had a few bigger seasons, and a total of anywhere from 1-4 more cup wins. The fact that many other greats aren't there, like Coffey, Pat Lafontaine who in this prime had one of the top 10 best ppg's ever before his injuries, and players who I don't even consider legendary are on your list, kind of makes it irrelivant.

Anonymous said...


Thats an unbiased list. Mario and Orr were far and away the best ever.

kmad said...

1. Wayne Gretzky
2. Bobby Orr
3. Mario Lemieux
4. Gordie Howe
5. Bobby Hull
6. Doug Harvey
7. Jean Beliveau
8. Maurice Richard
9. Eddie Shore
10. Dominik Hasek

Haris said...

It's a nice list but it should be called the best players of the NHL.
The Centennial All Star Team has 4 Russians, 1 Canadian and 1 Sweed.
You left out 3 players on your list that should have been at least in the top ten, if not the top 5.

Anonymous said...

if gilbert perreault,is not on this list, then list is wrong!

Anonymous said...

Rocket Richard
Bobby Orr
Bobby Hull
Doug Harvey
Jean Beliveau
Gordie Howe

After the watered down WHA the players were not like the above.
Why is it the Rocket Richard Trohpy for the greatest scorers each year??

Anonymous said...

Any of you haven't heard about Major DhyanChand from India???? Surprised !!!

Anonymous said...

I am missing Scott Niedermayer. Not only one of the greatest players since he has won everything and more than any other player.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, mate. There is five players from the same country that outrank all of those players. Makarov, Fetisov, Larionov, Krutov and Kasatonov. Players from the American continent just do not reach those stars.

PPH Services said...

This is a pretty good list overall, and yes! Gretzky is such an amazing athlete!

Anonymous said...

Orr Was the Best player. I could easily make and argument for Lemieux and Howe ahead of Gretsky. To put it simply, Gretsky was not a complete Hockey player. He was without a doubt the greatest point getter. Who played on arguably the greatest hockey team ever assembled. Edmonton went on and won the cup without Gretsky; that is how great that team was. Don’t get me wrong; Orr played for good teams as well but with out him the Bruins probably do not win either of those cups.

Lemieux and Howe were both more complete hockey players than Gretsky. If you want to call Gretsky the Greatest offensive player ever I would agree. But he is not the greatest hockey playrer ever.
Orr led the league in scoring as a defensemen, Played great defense and single handedly controlled the game. He played physical, power play, penalty kill and fought his own battles. Gretsky did none of these. Gretsky rarely if ever saw the defensive end of the rink, never hit anyone.

Anonymous said...

If you were to gather 100 hockey fans to rank the top 36 players of all-time, you'd almost certainly have 100 different lists so I'm not gonna start giving you my list but Marcel Dionne had 8 100 pt seasons in his career, there are only 2 guys with more and their names are Wayne and Mario. I know the big blow against him is that he never got by the 2nd round of the playoffs but then again, he never really had the team to do it either. He played his entire career without ever having another superstar with him. A few years ago, me and my dad were trying to think of hockey greats who had no help on their team (Orr had Esposito, Gretzky had Kurri, Lemieux had Jagr, Howe had Lindsay, etc). We thought for a long time and the only guy we came up with was Dionne... and despite that, he has the 3rd most 100 pt seasons in NHL history, he was one of the greatest ever, no doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

10. Patrick Roy
9. Guy Lafluer
8. Mike Bossy
7. Maurice Richard
6. Mark Messier
5. Bobby Hull
4. Gordie Howe
3. Mario Lemioux
2. Wayne Gretzky
1. Bobby Orr

Chazac said...

The Holy Trinity of Hockey is Orr, Gretzky and Howe. Three differnt position players - three distinct different styles or combinations of skills. I am a Boston Bruins fan who grew up watching all three (of course seeing Orr the most). I didn't see Howe in his 'prime' but I can say this without hesitation ... There was NEVER anyone like Orr and there NEVER will be! For the relatively short time he played in the NHL he dominated to a degree I've seen NO OTHER player come close. I think Mario Lemieux would be fourth after these three with Eddie Shore fifth. I do not consider the cold war era Russians and East Europeans on par for consideration on this list due to the tremendously different game they played and the supposed 'talent' they mostly went up against which were basically Nordic players (who played a reduced schedule) and the College kids in the USA and Canada's third tier best in the International Tourneys. Seeing the Summit Series and the Canada Cup really woke people up here in North America on how good those guys were but I think if you put them in the NHL for a few seasons they would break down with all the hitting and body checks.

carp said...

howe is the best. Yes orr dominates the game in his short career but no one could dominant for twenty seasons that gordie did and he played for twenty five seasons. the list in fairness should be some thing like this
1 gordie howe/orr/gretzky
2 brodeur
3 rocket richard
4 sawchuck
and so on I don't like lemieux at all i thought he played dirty and was over rated but won't deny he had talent still don't think he should be in the top ten with all the players that have come and gone through the nhl i belive yzerman was a better player all around and is ranked completly wrong on your list.

krishnanpaper said...

Surprising the list does not include any great player from India even though India was world champs. Who can forget major Dyanchand? There was none greater than him.

Anonymous said...

Very thoughtful list. Well done. I've always thought that Mike Bossy was very underrated on most people's lists. Scoring 560 goals in only 750 games. 10 straight 50 goals campaigns. Still the highest goals-per-game in history.

Anonymous said...

I'm old enough to have seen Orr in his prime. The greatest. Nobody even close.

Caleb said...

To everyone who's ranting about Crosby/Ovechkin, read the list of requirements that Joe put up for the players on his list. Yes they have great talent but they simply haven't played long enough to make the list.
I was a little disappointed that Brodeur and Coffey didn't make the list. But all in all I thought it was a great list. (Back to Crosby/Ovechkin, if anyone adds them to a list you have to add Malkin as well).

Louwa said...

PETER FORSBERG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Crosby is not on here because he is not one of the greatest. I'm tired of hearing about him. Once he has been in the league longer and earns the consideration of a greatest player, then start talking about him. As of now, he is just a good player who is over publicized as an attempt to bring in a larger audience to the sport, claiming him as the NHL's best. Everyone wants to see a superstar in sports, but as good as he is, there are plenty better than he is.

Anonymous said...

Interesting list,thanks from Russia)) For those, who mentioned USSR players, not all Canadians and Americans remember players who are not from NHL,thats why they are not in list, i think. But still i`m very pleased, when canadians mention our players with such wonderful words)) Thank you)

Anonymous said...

having Yzerman without Sakic is just wrong; very comparable players. Good work though

Mario the artist said...

In my opinion, Orr, Messier and Howe should be rated ahead of Gretzky. Gretzky was without a doubt the greatest scorer in NHL history but the other 3 players I rated ahead of him were more complete playerssemseasu

Mario the artist said...

To anyone compiling a list of greatest Hockey players, Bobby Orr has got to be at the very top. There are not even close seconds. I have seen Gretsky, Howe, Lemieux and many other great players but no one could compare to Orr

Chris Tasse said...

Impossible to please everyone, nice mix, old players, etc. So, a few thoughts, to add:

Like the man said (cpl posters, and the one who said he and his dad thought hard, someone with no help on his team), MARCEL DIONNE is a GLARING OMISSION. Did not know of his multiple 100 pt seasons, but DID know he is STILL number THREE ALL TIME IN GOALS, for GOD's SAKE, fifth in pts a smidge behind Francis, ahead of Stevie Y., and his PTS PER GAME AVERAGE IS BEHIND ONLY GRETZKY AND LEMIEUX, again, FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! Selfless player, still remember him feeding Mickey Redmond for his last few to number 50 on the season goals, when I wanted HIM to shoot and get 50 himself. STILL hate that Detroit traded him.

Kurri--luckiest (yes, great goal scorer, but)sniper on the planet, playing on THAT INCREDIBLE TALENT LADEN OILER BUNCH, TO SAY NOTHING OF THE ERA AND THEIR STYLE, i.e. win 6-5, with a great goalie, too. Lop that sucker OUTTA there, Puh-leese.

Also, while TERRY SAWCHUCK IS WITHOUT A DOUBT THE BEST ALL TIME, MASKLESS, to say naught of ZERO OVERSIZED EQUIPMENT, unlike ROY, I agree, BRODEUR likely belongs. SAWCHUCKS' shutout record came in FAR SHORTER game seasons, remember...but Brodeur is pretty dang badass, and I am a WING fan.

Not sure of his totals at end of career, but Forsberg, I take him, on a Gretzky-less team, over Kurri, hands down, and props to Joe Sakic, too.

Anonymous said...

The Soviets dominated international hockey in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. You have 2 on your list? That is ridiculous. I can understand casual fans not recognizing names like Petrov, Mikhailov, etc., since they were not allowed to leave the USSR and play in the NHL, but those Soviet teams were the best. Period. And you have Tretiak at #31. Hah! He is bar none, the best goalie of all time, and should be in any list of top 5 players of all time.

Anonymous said...

Awesome list but the top 5 sgould be like this


Anonymous said...

Nice list however I have seen all players listed at one time or another and Gordie Howe was the best of them all. He could skate, score and no one messed around with him. He was the best all round hockey player now or in the past. Also what about Doug Harvey he was by far the best defence man to ever play the game. I don't count Bobby Orr as a defense man in the real sense of the position. Most of the time he should have been on the forward line.

Anonymous said...

Where is teemu selänne? That guy is in hes 40thees and still going strong :P

Anonymous said...

Kharlamov should be higher. He was easily the greatest LW who's ever played.

Rajan Mishra said...

How can you Forget Major Dhyan Chand From INDIA....(3 Gold Winner in Olympics)