June 26, 2020

Pucks On The 'Net

It's been a long while, but it's time to put some Pucks on the 'Net.
  • Congratulations to the Hockey Hall of Fame class of 2020. Jarome Iginla and Kim St. Pierre were no brainers in my opinion. Marian Hossa is a solid choice who probably should have been made to wait (like continued oversight Alexander Mogilny). I thought the Hall of Fame had drawn a good line when Kevin Lowe and Doug Wilson were left on the outside looking in. Very good players yes. True greats? No. 
  • Why is the bar for goaltenders set so high? Mike Vernon, Mike Richter, Tom Barrasso, Ron Hextall, maybe even Andy Moog and Chris Osgood all have strong resumes. If the bar for skaters was a high as the bar for goaltenders, the Hall of Fame would truly be reserved for the absolute best of the best. 
  • As for the whole Covid-19 monkey wrench in the hockey season, I do not know that I am qualified to say a whole lot and maybe that's why I haven't said anything. 
  • I think it's crazy that the NHL wants to have the season continue in two countries. Eliminate the border crossing concern and hold it in one country. That will clearly increase the chances of getting the season completed. 
  • And that country clearly should be Canada. The United States handling of all of this is an absolutely disaster. The only advantage they have there is finding local health authorities who will turn a blind eye if players start coming down with mass cases of the virus. 
  • The Canadian health authorities should be the biggest reason the NHL has both host cities north of the 49th parallel. But it seems to be a deterrent as the league just wants to complete the season and secure the monies from the broadcast deals.
  • I'd be okay if the season never does get back on the ice. Let's move forward and get the future right. But man oh man there is so many question marks about the future of the game and of all of professional sports. The implications are simply mind-boggling. 
  • To be 100% honest, I don't miss hockey. I think that's because it is completely out of my control so I can't do anything about it anyway. As Todd Bertuzzi always said, it is what it is. Just like how I didn't miss hockey during the lockouts. It'd be different if hockey was on and I wasn't able to watch because my TV broke or something like that. 

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