October 01, 2019

A Clean Sheet

What if i gave you a clean sheet?
What will you write?
Will it be poetry?
Or just plain English?

That's the opening of an old great print/television advertising campaign by Bauer Hockey. It opens as if it is talking to a great artist, a painter or a writer, given a completely blank canvas to unleash his or her genius upon. Only the great artist referred to here is the hockey player in all of us, and the canvas is a fresh sheet of new ice.

I found the abridged TV commercial on YouTube (below). If anyone has the full script, please email me or post it in the comments below.

I always think of it at the beginning of the each new season. Every team has a clean sheet. What will be the story they write?

Of course, the other must see hockey commercial, for me anyways, is the Nike/Goalie turned cabbie commercial. Francois Dupuy, a fictional former goalie with a bad French accent has been forced to find new employment, largely due to his nemesis Mats. Sundin.

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