April 15, 2019

What A Weekend of Hockey

There are no shortage of story lines to explore right now.

What has gone wrong for the Tampa Bay Lightning, now down 3-0 to the Columbus Blue Jackets? The Winnipeg Jets have gotten back into their series with the St. Louis Blues. Sidney Crosby continues be blanketed by the New York Islanders, who lead the Penguins 3-0 as well. And the Leafs and Bruins are getting nasty. Too bad the referees are keeping their whistle in their pocket a little too long in that one.

Speaking of refereeing, the biggest story this weekend comes from outside of the Stanley Cup playoffs entirely.

Somehow the Finnish women's hockey team got screwed royally in the gold medal game of the Women's World Hockey Championships. The host nation upset Canada for their first appearance in the gold medal game, and then clearly scored a good goal against USA in overtime to win the championship.

Wait a second. Actually wait a long while. After a lengthy deliberation, the officials decided the goal should not count. The Americans then won the world title in the dreaded shoot-out.

Congratulations to the Americans. They are clearly the world power in women's hockey for a while now. But the best story in women's hockey would have been Finland winning. It's got to sting to lose like that. Because they clearly should have won.

Another note on the the Stanley Cup playoffs - what a difference a week makes. The intensity of the play in the opening few games is at such a higher level than most games in the regular season. It truly is every hockey fan's dream.

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