April 13, 2019

Canada Finnished At Women's Worlds

Hockey history was made in Espoo, Finland this weekend.

The Finnish women's hockey team beat Canada for the first time ever in an IIHF playoff game. Finland now will play the heavily favored American's in the gold medal game.

This marks the first time in the 19 year history of women's World Championships that Canada has not played for gold. Canada has not won gold since 2012.

Canada has fallen behind America as the world hockey power on the women's side of the game. That may be inevitable given their population advantage. And it is good to see European women's teams continuing to improve.

But clearly Hockey Canada has some work to do with the women's game.


Hallwings said...

Uh, the Women's World Championship started in 1990, not 2000.

Joe Pelletier said...

Correct. But the women's world championships aren't held every year. This is the 19th championship